39. Medicine


Safety Pin Rustless Medium For U.K. Ships

Magnifying Glass 7.5Cm Dia For U.K. Ships

Nail Brush For U.K. Ships

Stretcher Equipment For U.K. Ships

Body Bag Large For U.K. Ships

Vessels In Malarial Areas For U.K. Ships

Excavator, Etc Set " For U.K. Ships

Blood Transmitted Diseases Protection Kit For U.K. Ships

Lotion Bowl 200Mm X 90Mm For U.K. Ships

Kidney Dish 250Mm For U.K. Ships

Liquid Insecticide For U.K. Ships

First Aid Kit For U.K. Ships

Face Mask Disposable For U.K. Ships

Plastic Measuring Jug 1/2Ltr For U.K. Ships

Disposable Paper Towel For U.K. Ships

Latex Gloves Surgical Quality For U.K. Ships

Waterproof Plastic Sheeting 1M X 2M For U.K. Ships

Sharps Disposal Box For U.K. Ships

Icebag For U.K. Ships

Malleable Finger Splint For U.K. Ships

Malleable Forearm & Hand Splint For U.K. Ships

Inflatable Splint For U.K. Ships

Thigh Splint For U.K. Ships

Collar For Neck Immobilisation For U.K. Ships

Thomas Splint For U.K. Ships

Water-Disinfection Compound For U.K. Ships

Rectal Drip Set For U.K. Ships

Disposable Filter Infuser For U.K. Ships

Disposable Syringes & Needles 2Ml, 5Ml, 10Ml For U.K. Ships

Catheter Foley Type 16 For U.K. Ships

Catheter Nelaton Size 16 For U.K. Ships

Catheter Penile Sheath Set For U.K. Ships

Bedpan For U.K. Ships

Hot Water Bottle For U.K. Ships

Urine Container For U.K. Ships

Standard Medical Thermometer For U.K. Ships

Hypothermic Thermometer For U.K. Ships

Sputum Cup With Cover For U.K. Ships

Specimen Jar For U.K. Ships

Bladder Drainage Set For U.K. Ships

Temperature Chart For U.K. Ships

Disposable Tongue Depressors For U.K. Ships

Medical Evaluation Reports For U.K. Ships

Stethoscope For U.K. Ships

Aneroid Sphygmomanometer For U.K. Ships

Stainless Steel Instrument Box For U.K. Ships

Scissors One Sharp Pointed The Other Round Ended 18Cm

Scissors Both Blade Sharp Pointed 12.5Cm For U.K. Ships

Dissecting Forceps For U.K. Ships

Haemostatic Clamp For U.K. Ships

Needle Forceps For U.K. Ships

Disposable Razors For U.K. Ships

Reactive Strips For Urine Analysis For U.K. Ships

Triangular Sling Calico For U.K. Ships

Disposable Polyethylene Gloves Large For U.K. Ships

Adhesive Dressing Assorted Sterile For U.K. Ships

Sterile Compression Bandage No.13 Standard Dressing

Sterile Compression Bandage No.14 Standard Dressing

Sterile Compression Bandage No.15 Standard Dressing

Adhesive Suture 75Mm Strip For U.K. Ships

Paraffin Gauze Dressing 10Cm X 10Cm For U.K. Ships

Disposable Scalpels For U.K. Ships

Sterile Absorbable Sutures Bp For U.K. Ships

Adhesive Elastic Bandage 7.5Cm X 4M For U.K. Ships

Crepe Bandage 7.5Cm X 4.5M For U.K. Ships

Tubular Gauze Bandage 20Mtr Length For U.K. Ships

Sterile Gauze Compresses For U.K. Ships

Cotton Wool Absorbent 15Gm Sterile For U.K. Ships

Cotton Wool Absorbent 100Gm Non-Sterile For U.K. Ships

Sterile Sheet For Burn Victims For U.K. Ships

Aspirator To Clear Airways For U.K. Ships

Laerdal Pocket Mask For U.K. Ships

Guedal Airway Size 3 And 4 For U.K. Ships

Suture And Needle Pack 26Mm Half Circle For U.K. Ships

Suture And Needle Pack 40Mm Half Circle For U.K. Ships

Test Tube Stand For 12 Tubes

Pad Abdominal 20X20Cm

Tissue Facial

Towel Paper Sterile Disposable 12'S

Towel Surgical Cotton 12'S

Wrapping Material

Oxygen Giving Set For U.K. Ships

Urine Test Paper Salt 100'S

Test Tablets Kit Glucose In Urine 36'S

Hammer Reflex Testing 20Cm

Collar Cervical With Strap

Flashlight With Replacement Batteries

Occult Blood Detection Tablet 60'S

Scrubbing Brush Hand

Test Tube Glass Plain

Test Tube Stand For 6 Tubes

Truss Spring Single Right Pad

Truss Spring Single Left Pad

Truss Spring Double Pad

Test Strip & Color Chart 100'S

Urine Bottle Plastic

Urine Test Paper Albumin & Sugar 100'S X 2

Urine Test Paper Albumin 100'S

Urine Test Paper Sugar 100'S

Tourniquet Esmarch Type

Tourniquet Non-Pneumatic Blood Taking Type

Clinical Record Chart

Clinical Recrod Chart

Temperature Chart

Medical Report Form For Seafarers

Thermometer Clinical

Thermometer Bath

Thermometer Clinical Digital

Tongue Depressor Wooden

Suture With Needle Large

Needle Holder Suture Hegar-Mayo 14Cm

Administration Set Intravenous With Hub Needle 1X40Mm Dispos.

Suture Tapered 1/2 Circle 12'S

Suture Armed 1/2 Circle 12'S

Suture Armed 3/8 Circle 12'S

Suture Armed Polyester 3/8 Circle 12'S

Suture Removal Kit

Stretcher Basket Type

Mummy Restraint

Mortuary Transfer Bag

Stomach Tube With Funnel

Suspensory Bandage With Understraps Size-M

Suspensory Bandage With Understraps Size-L

Suture Strip Non-Stitch 2.5Cm X 9.1Mtr 12Rls

Suture With Needle Medium

Sterilizer With Alcohol Lamp

Sterilizer Steam (Autoclave) Model:Hp-15A 100-110V

Sterilizer Steam (Autoclave) Model:Hp-15A 220V

Sterilizer Water Type 3Ltr Electric

Stretcher Neil Robertson Type

Splint Thomas

Splint Arm Inflatable Assorted Sizes 6'S

Splint Leg Inflatable Assorted Sizes 6'S

Sputum Pot Disposable

Sputum Pot Non-Disposable

Skin Closure 7X1.3Cm 100'S

Sphygmomanometer Mercury

Sphygmomanometer Digital

Stethoscope Disc-Diaphragm Type

Common Splint Set Wooden 3'S

Metal Splint Set 3'S

Serrated Splint Of Gooch Type 0.9X1Mtr

Splint Thigh Wooden

Scalpel Handle No.3

Scalpel Blade No.10

Scalpel Blade No.11

Blade Surgical Knife No.15

Scissors One-Point & One-Blunt Stainless Steel

Scissors Surgical Stainless Steel

Scissors Bandage Stainless Steel

Skin Closure Adhesive Surgical 6Mm 25'S

Measure Glass Medical 20Ml

Measure Glass Medical 50Ml

Cylinder Glass 500Cm3 Graduated

Microscope Slide

Measuring Spoon Plastic 5Ml

Palette Knife

Rubber Sheeting For Operation 1X2Mtr

Safety Pin Medical 12'S

Lotion Bowl Stainless Steel

Funnel Metal 12Cm Diam

Luer Adaptor For Syringe

Syringe Hypodermic Disposable 2.5Ml With Needle

Syringe Hypodermic Disposable 5Ml With Needle

Needle Hypodermic Disposable 100'S

Syringe Plastic Disposable 2Mm W/Intramuscular Needle 1Mm 5Cm

Kidney Dish Stainless Steel 210Mm

Label Plain 100'S/Pkt

Label Poison 50'S/Pkt

Ligature Catgut

Ring Pad Rubber Inflatable

Syringe Glass 2Ml

Syringe Glass 5Ml

Syringe Glass 20Ml

Injection Syringe 2Ml With Metal Case

Injection Syringe 5Ml With Metal Case

Injection Needle Hypodermic 12'S

Injection Needle Intramuscular 12'S

Needle Intravenous Injection 1.1Mm 3Cm 6'S

Mask Gauze

Mask Face Disposal

Pad Non-Adherent 8X10Cm

Refrigerator 60 Ltr Capacity

Side Board

Receptacle 12 Ltr Capacity

Hot Water Bottle Rubber

Heating Pad Electric Waterproof Ac/Dc

Ice Bag Rubber

Gloves Surgical Rubber

Gloves Surgical Disposable

Forceps,Tissue,2-3 Dents 13Cm

Forceps,Tissue,2-3 Dents 18Cm

Gown Surgical

Forceps Hemostatic Stainless Steel

Forceps Sinus Stainless Steel

Forceps Splinter Stainless Steel

Forceps Dissecting Stainless Steel 13Cm

Forceps Spencer Wells' Stainless Steel

Forceps,Dressing," Bayonet Shaped,Adsor 18Cm

Forceps,Haemostat,Curved," Halstead, Mosquito 15Cm

Forceps,Haemostat,Curved" Kelly 15Cm

Catheter Double Eye Pointed Disposable 16 French(5.5Mm)

Feeding Cup Stainless Steel 200Cc

Medicine Cup 30Ml Disposable 100'S

Finger Stall Rubber

Finger Stall Leather For Thumb

Finger Stall Leather For Fingers Except Thumb

Splint Finger Assorted Sizes 6'S

Forceps Dental Packing Stainless Steel

Eye Patch

Pad Cotton Eye 12'S

Eye Spud With Covered Point Stainless Steel

Magnifying Glass

Catheter Double Eye Pointed Disposable 6 French(2Mm)

Catheter Double Eye Pointed Disposable 8 French(3Mm)

Catheter Double Eye Pointed Disposable 12 French(4Mm)

Catheter Double Eye Pointed Disposable 14 French(5Mm)

Envelope Dispensing 100'S

Eye Bath With 2 Spare Bulbs

Eye Dropper

Container Ointment Plastic

Container Tablet Plastic


Cane With Rubber Tip

Ear Syringe Rubber

Enema Kit

Enema Syringe Rubber

Bottle Medical Dispensing 60Ml

Bottle Medical Dispensing 200Ml

Poison Bottle Glass 60Ml

Plastic Bottle 500Cc With Screw Cap

Canvas Roll For Instrument

Catheter Set Olivary End

Catheter Set Soft Rubber

Condom (Prophylactic Rubber) 12'S

Airway Pharyngeal Plastic Adult & Child Sizes

Oxygen Unit Portable

Spare Oxygen Cylinder Size E

Resuscitator Hand Operated

Medical Basin Enamelled

Tray With Cover

Bed Pan Enamelled

Catheterization Tray Sterile Disposable Regular Type

Lint Absorbent 30X30Cm

Plaster Adhesive 2.5Cmx5 Mtr

Plaster Adhesive 5Cmx5Mtr

Plaster Adhesive 7.5Cmx5Mtr

First Aid Satchel W.H.O. Complete

First Aid Satchel D.T.I. Scale 1A Complete

Artificial Airway "Brook Type"

Gauze Absorbent Ribbon 2.5Cmx4.5Mtr

Jaconet 80Cmx2Mtr

Lint Absorbent 15X30Cm

Dressing Standard No.15

Spray Dressing 120Ml

Gauze Pad 5X5Cm 10Sht

Gauze Pad 7.5X7.5Cm 10Sht

Gauze Pad 10X10Cm 10Sht

Gauze Plain 30Cmx1Mtr

Gauze Plain 30Cmx5Mtr

Gauze Plain 30Cmx10Mtr

Cotton Tip (Applicator) 100Pcs

Dressing Adhesive Strip 6.3X50Cm 2'S

Dressing Burn & Wound Individual 10X10Cm 10'S

Dressing Burn & Wound 15Cmx5Mtr

Casualty Dressing Adhesive Individually Wrapped 9X6Cm

Casualty Dressing Adhesive Individually Wrapped 18X9Cm

Dressing Standard No.13

Dressing Standard No.14

Band-Aid 150Pcs 2X7.5Cm

Cotton Absorbent 25Grm

Cotton Absorbent 50Grm

Cotton Absorbent 100Grm

Cotton Absorbent 500Grm

Cotton Absorbent Compressed 20Grm

Cotton Absorbent 200Grm Roll

Bandage Absorbent Adhesive 5Cmx5M 100'S

Bandage Gauze Tubular Rolled 2Cmx5M

Bandage Tube Gauze For Finger 2.5Cmx18Mtr

Band-Aid 47Pcs 3-Assorted Size

Bandage Gauze 2.5Cmx9Mtr

Bandage Gauze 5Cmx9Mtr

Bandage Gauze 7.5Cmx9Mtr

Bandage Gauze 10Cmx9Mtr

Bandage Gauze Roller 10Cmx5M

Bandage Gauze Roller 12Cmx5M

Bandage Triangular 90X105Cm

Bandage Crepe 5Cmx9Mtr

Bandage Crepe 7.5Cmx9Mtr

Bandage Crepe 10Cmx9Mtr

Bandage Elastic 5Cmx4.5Mtr

Bandage Elastic 7.5Cmx4.5Mtr

Bandage Elastic 10Cmx4.5Mtr

Bandage Gauze Roller 3Cmx10M 12'S

Ephedrine Nasal Drop Bp For U.K. Ships

Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.2% Mouthwash 30Ml

Ethyl Chloride Liquid Spray 50Mg For U.K. Ships

Lignocaine Hydrochloride 1% 25Mg In 5Ml For U.K. Ships

Lignocaine Gel 20G For U.K. Ships

Oil Of Clove 10Ml For U.K. Ships

Bandage Adhesive & Elastic 5Cmx4.5Mtr

Bandage Adhesive & Elastic 7.5Cmx4.5Mtr

Zinc Ointment Bp 25G For U.K. Ships

Potassium Permanganate Crystals 10G For U.K. Ships

Antibiotic Ointment Framycetin Sulphate 0.5% For U.K. Ships

Betamethasone Sodium Phosphate 0.1% For U.K. Ships

Amethocaine Hydrochloride 0.5% 5Ml For U.K. Ships

Pilocarpine Hydrochloride Eyedrop 0.5% 10Ml For U.K.

Fluorescein Sodium 1% Eye-Drop For U.K. Ships

Antibiotic Eardrop For U.K. Ships

Silver Sulphadiazine 1% Cream 50G Tube For U.K. Ships

Permethrin 1% For U.K. Ships

Tetanus Vaccine 0.5Ml Ampoule For U.K. Ships

Tetanus Immunoglobulin Ampoule For Inj. For U.K. Ship

Sodium Chloride & Dextrose Rehydration Salt 8G Sachets

Antiseptic Solution 100Ml For U.K. Ships

Cicatrin Cream 15Mg Tube For U.K. Ships

Hydrocortisone 1% Cream 15G Tube For U.K. Ships

Benzoic Acid Ointment Bp 50Mg For U.K. Ships

Miconazole Nitrate 2% Topical Cream 30G For U.K.

Ciprofloxacin As Hydrochloride 500Mgm Tablet For U.K. Ships

Cefuroxime Injection 750Mgm Vial For U.K. Ships

Erythromycin 250Mg Tablet For U.K. Ships

Doxycycline 100Mg Capsule For U.K. Ships

Trimethroprim 200Mg Tablet For U.K. Ships

Trimethroprim For U.K. Ships

Mebendazole 100Mg Tablet 6 Tab Pack For U.K. Ships

Metronidazole Suppositories 1Gm For U.K. Ships

Metronidazole Tablet 400Mg Tablet For U.K. Ships

Hydrocortisone Inj. Powder For Reconstitution 100Mgm Vial

Prednisolone 5Mg Tablet For U.K. Ships

Salbutamol Inhaler 100Microgram Per Metered Dose.

Beclomethasone 50Microgram Per Metered Dose.

Codeine Phosphate Tablet For U.K. Ships

Paracetamol For U.K. Ships

Benzylpenicillin Sodium 600Mg Injection For U.K. Ships

Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride 25Mg Tablet For U.K. Ships

Hyoscine Hydrobromide For U.K. Ships

Diazepam Rectal Dispenser 10Mg In 2.5Ml For U.K. Ships

Astemizole 10Mg Tablet For U.K. Ships

Morphine Sulphate 10Mg In 1Ml Inj. For U.K. Ships

Hyoscine Hydrobromide 0.3Mg Tablet For U.K. Ships

Diazepam Injection 5Mg Per Ml 2Ml Ampoule For U.K. Ships

Diazepam 10Mg Tablet For U.K. Ships

Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride 25Mg Injection For U.K. Ships

Promethazine Hydrochloride 25Mg Per Ml For U.K. Ships

Glycerol Suppository 4Mg Mould For U.K. Ships

Codeine Phosphate 30Mg Tablet For U.K. Ships

Trimethoprim 200Mg Tablet For U.K. Ships

Proprietary Preparation For U.K. Ships

Paracetamol 500Mg Tablet For U.K. Ships

Diclofenac Sodium 100Mg Suppository For U.K. Ships

Codeine Phosphate For U.K. Ships

Frusemide 40Mg Tablet For U.K. Ships

Frusemide 10Mg In 1Ml Inj. 2Ml Ampoule For U.K. Ships

Phytomenadione (Vitamin K1) For U.K. Ships

Ergometrine Maleate 500Mg Oxytocin 5 Unit In 1Ml Amp.

Atenolol 50Mg Tablet X 28 For U.K. Ships

Cimetidine 400Mg Tablet 60 Tablet/Pack For U.K. Ships

Proprietary Antacid Of Choice For U.K. Ships

Prochlorperazine Maleate 3Mg Buccal Tablet For U.K. Ships

Tetanus Immune Human Globulin 250 Units Vial

Tetanus Toxoid Adsorbed Single Dose Ampoule

Tetracycline Ear Drop 1% Tetracycline Solution 10Ml

Tetracycline Hydrochloride Capsules 250Mg 100'S

Water Sterile 5Ml Ampoules 10'S

Zinc Oxide Paste 30Grm Tube

Adrenaline Injection Bp 0.5Ml For U.K. Ships

Glyceryl Trinitrate Spray 400 Micrograms For U.K. Ships

Talc (Talcum Powder) 120Grm

Procaine B.Penic.Sterile Susp. Inj.600,000Unt/Ml 1Ml V.10'S

Proguanil Talbet 100Mg 100'S

Pyrantel Tablet 250Mg 50'S

Quinine Sulfate Tablet 300Mg 100'S

Quinine Dihydrochloride Injec. 300Mg/Ml 2Ml Ampoules 10'S

Salbutamol Aerosol Inhaler Unit

Sodium Chloride Injection 0.9% 1000Ml

Spectinomycin Hydrochloride Injection 2Grm Per 5Ml Vial

Sulfamethoxazole& Trimethoprim (400 + 80Mg) Tablet 20'S

Naloxone Hydrochloride Inject. 0.4Mg/Ml 1Ml Amppoules

Neomycin & Bacitracin Ointment 30Grm Tube

Oral Rehydration Salts In Water-Proof Bag

Paracetamol 500Mg Tablet

Pilocarpine Hydrochloride Eye Drop 2% 15Ml

Potassium Permanganate 100Grm

Probenecid Tablet 500Mg 100'S

Hydrocortisone Ointment 1% 30Grm Tube

Ichthyol & Glycerine Ointment In 100Grm Container

Lidocaine Hydrochloride Injection 1% 2Ml Ampoule

Lindane Cream 1% 6Grm Tube

Magnesium Hydroxide Suspension 550Mg/10Ml 500Ml

Metronidazole Tablet 200Mg 100'S

Miconazole Nitrate 2% Vaginal Cream In 80Gm Container

Miconazole Nitrate 100Mg Pessary And Inserter

Mineral Oil(Liquid Petrolatum) 500Ml

Eye Antiinfective Drop 1% Sol. Of Chloramphenicol 10Ml

Eye Ointment 1% Tetracycline Hydrochloride 4Grm Tube

Fluorescein Sodium Ophthalmic Strip Sterile 200'S

Furosemide Tablet 40Mg 100'S

Hydrocortisone Sodium Succinate For Injection 100Mg

Doxycycline Hydrochloride Tablet 100Mg 100'S

Epinephrine Hydrochloride Inj. 1:1000 1Ml Ampoules 10'S

Egrometrine Maleate Injection 0.2Mg In 1Ml Ampoules 10'S

Erythromycin Tablet 250Mg 100'S

Chlorphenamine Maleate Tablet 4Mg 20'S

Chlorphenamine Maleate Inject. 10Mg 1Ml Ampoules 10'S

Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride Tablet 25Mg 20'S

Chlorpromazine Hydrochloride Inj. 25Mg In 1Ml Ampoules 10'S

Cyclizine Hydrochloride Tablet 50Mg 100'S

Dextran Injection 6% & Sodium Chloride 0.9% 500Ml

Diazepam Injection 5Mg/Ml 2Ml Ampoule Controlled Substance

Dimercaprol Injection 100Mg In 2Ml Ampoules 10'S

Amitriptyline Tablet 25Mg 100'S

Antihaemorrhoidal Suppository 12'S

Atropine Sulfate Injection 0.5Mg/Ml 1Ml Ampoules 10'S

Benzathine Benzylpenicillin Inj. 2.4Million Unit/5Ml Vial

Calcium Gluconate Effervescent Tablet 1Grm 30'S

Charcoal Activated Powder 120Grm

Chloroquine Phosphate Tablet 250Mg 100'S

Zinc Dusting Powder (Talcum Powder) 113Grm

Zinc Dusting Powder (Talcum Powder) 200Grm

Zinc Ointment 100Grm

Aluminium Acetate Ear Drop 13% Solution In 20Ml Bottle

Aluminium Acetate Powder 2Grm Packet 12'S

Aluminium Hydroxide Gel With Magnesium Hydroxide 360Ml

Aluminium Hydroxide W/Magnes. Hydroxide 1Grm Tablet 100'S

Aminophylline Suppository Rectal 500Mg 12'S

Multi Vitamin Tablet 100Tab

Water For Injection 5Ml 10Amp

Water For Injection 5Ml 50Amp

Topical Analgesic Ointment Tiger-Balm 19.4Grm

Topical Analgesic Spray Air Salonpas 120Ml

Tranquillizer Tablet 50Mg 20Tab (Chlorpromazine Hcl Tab)

Vegetable Laxative Tablet 100Tab

Vitamin-B1 Tablet 25Mg 160Tab

Vitamin-C Tablet 250Mg 200Tab

Vitamin-C Tablet 500Mg 100Tab

Vitamin-C Tablet "Cebion" 1Grm 10Tab

Tetracycline Ointment 5Grm

Tetracycline Ointment 25Grm

Throat Lozenges (Troches) 24'S

Tincture Of Iodine 100Ml

Tincture Of Iodine 500Ml

Tooth Anaesthetic (Oil Of Clove) 30Ml

Topical Analgesic Gel Ben-Gay 35.5Grm

Topical Analgesic Ointment Salomethyl 30Grm

Stomach Pill "Seirogan" 250 Pills

Stomach Pill "Seirogan" 550 Pills

Streptomycin Injection 1Grm 10Vial

Sulfa Drug Powder 100Grm

Sulfaguanidine Tablet 100Tab

Sulfonamide Tablet 100Tab

Tetracycline Capsule 250Mg 100Cap

Sleeping Tablet 100Tab

S.M.P.(Sulphamethoxypyridazin) Tablet 100Tab

Sodium Bicarbonate Powder 125Grm

Soft Paraffin (Vaseline) 50Grm

Spirit Soap 500Ml

Stomach Powder 140Grm

Stomach Tablet 120Tab

Salt Tablet 1000Tab

Salt Tablet Entric-Coated 1000Tab

Seasickness Tablet 100Tab

Sedative Tablet (Diazepam) 50Mg 100Tab

Sedative Tablet (Diazepam) 10Mg 100Tab

Oxy-Tetracycline Eye Ointment 3.5Grm

Penicillin Injection 250Mg 10Vial

Penicillin Ointment 10Grm

Penicillin Tablet 200,000Unit 100Tab

Phenobarbitone Tablet 30Mg 50Tab

Potassium Permanganate Capsule 50Cap

Proguanil Hydrochloride Tablet 100Tab

Salt Tablet 500Tab

Sosegon Injection (Substitute For Morphine Inj) 15Mg 10Amp

Substitute For Morphine Tablet 120Tab

Mouthwash "Listerine" 500Ml

Mouthwash & Gargle Astring O-Sol 118Ml

Nasal Spray 15Ml

Nikethamide Injection 1Mg 10Amp

Normal Saline Injection 500Ml With Administration Set

Oxy-Tetracycline Capsule 250Mg 100Cap

Oxy-Tetracycline Injection 100Mg 10Amp

Milk Of Magnesium Tablet 170Tab

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt) 25Grm

Magnesium Sulphate (Epsom Salt) 500Grm

Malaria Tablet 100Tab

Mercurochrome Solution 60Ml

Mercurochrome Solution 500Ml

Merthiolate Tincture 500Ml

Methyl Salicylate Liniment 500Ml

Local Anaesthetic Spray 80Grm

Liquid Laxative (Milk Of Magnesium) 12Fl-Oz

Hemorrhoidal Suppository 10Pcs

Hydro-Chlorothiazide Tablet 25Mg 100Tab

Hydrogen Peroxide 500Ml

Inhalation Mixture 100Ml

Insect Repellent Aerosol 80Ml

Insecticide Powder 30Grm (For Human Body)

Kaolin Poultice 200Grm

Local Anaesthetic Ointment 25Grm

Eye Drop Anesthetic 20Ml

Eye Drop Antiseptic 15Ml

Eye Drop Antiseptic 12Ml

Eye Wash 150Ml

Eye Wash 150Ml

Heart Tablet (Nitroglycerin Tablet) 20Tab

Heart Tablet (Nitroglycerin Tablet) 40Tab

Heart Tablet (Nitroglycerin Tablet) 100Tab

Hemorrhoidal Ointment 15Grm

Dermatologic Purulent Infection Spray 85Grm

Diarrhoea Tablet 40Tab

Digoxin Tablet 20Tab

Dover'S Powder Tablet

Ear Drop 15Ml

Eczema Ointment 20Grm

Ephedrine Tablet 30Tab

Ergometrine Injection 10Amp.

Cough Linctus 60Ml

Cough Mixture 500-Ml

Cough Tablet 50Tab

Cold Capsule "Contac-600Sr" 20Cap

Cold Tablet 90Tab

Concentrated Antiseptic 500Ml

Corticosteroid Ointment 10Grm

Cortisone Ointment 25Grm

Cough Drop "Vicks" 20Drop

Caster Oil 500Ml

Cetrimide Solution Strong 150Ml

Chloramphenicol Tablet 250Mg 100Tab

Codeine Phosphate Tablet 3Mg 120Tab

Cold Remedy "Vicks Vaporub" 40Grm

Cold Remedy "Vicks Vaporub" 70Grm

Cold Capsule "Contac-600" 10Cap

Cold Capsule "Contac-600" 20Cap

Athlete'S Foot Liquid 60Ml

Athlete'S Foot Powder 15Grm

Athlete'S Foot Ointment 30Grm

Benzyl Benzoate Application 500Ml

Boric Acid Powder 500Grm

Burn Ointment 15Grm

Calamine Lotion 60Ml

Caster Oil 20Ml

Antiseptic Cream 50Grm

Antiseptic Powder 10Grmx5Btl

Antiseptic Solution 500Ml

Anti-Tetanus Injection 20Ml 12000 Unit

Arachis Oil 500Ml

Aromatic Spirit Of Ammonia 100Ml

Aspirin Tablet 100Tab

Aspirin Tablet "Bayer" 30Tab

Antibiotic Ointment 25Grm

Antihistamine Tablet 40Tab

Anti-Scabies Ointment 50Grm

Ampicillin Capsule 250Mg 100Cap

Amyl Nitrite Capsule 6Cap

Analgesic Tablet "Bufferin" 24Tab

Analgesic Tablet "Bufferin" 48Tab

Analgesic Tablet "Bufferin" 96Tab

Analgesic Tablet "Excedrine" 36Tab

Analgesic Tablet "Saridon" 100Tab

Antacid Tablet 100Tab

Medical Chest In Acc. With D.T.I. Scale-I Up To 30 Person

Medical Chest In Acc. With D.T.I. Scale-I 31-60 Persons

Skipsmedsin M.V. Pa Skip Group-5

Adrenaline Injection 10Amp.

Alcohol Medical 500Ml

Alcohol Surgical 500Ml

Alcohol Rubbing 500Ml

Aminophylline Tablet 100Mg 60Tab

Medical Chest In Acc. With W.H.O. Up To 40 Persons

Medical Chest In Acc. With W.H.O. Over 40 Persons

Medical Chest In Acc. With D.T.I. Scale-2 Up To 50Persons

Medical Chest In Acc. With D.T.I. Scale-2 Over 50Persons

Skipsmedisin M.V. Pa Skip Group-5 Up To 60 Persons

Medical Stores Required For Uk Reg.1995 Si#1802 Category A

Medical Stores Required For Uk Reg.1995 Si#1802 Category B

Medical Chest In Acc. With W.H.O. 25-40 Persons