00. Food Provisions


Shrimp Mini Egg Roll Frozen 200'S

Stuffed Baked Clam Frozen 12X6'S

Shrimp Chow Mein Frozen 4Lbx4S

Vegetable Chow Mein Frozen 4Lbx4S

Vegetable Chow Mein Frozen 5Lbs X 4S

Fish Almondine Frozen 5Lbx2S

Frank-N-Blanket Frozen 100'S/5

Chicken Mini Egg Roll Frozen 3 Ozx50S

Pizza Frozen 12X12S

Chicken Sweet&Sour Frozen 5Lbx4S

Pork Patty Breaded Frozen 18Lb

Sloppy Joe Frozen 6Lbx2S

Lasagna Frozen 6Lb X 4S

Vegetable Pot Pie W/Beef Frozen 7 Ozx24S

Chicken Cacciatore Frozen 6Lbx4S

Chicken Pot Pie Frozen 7 Ozx24S

Turkey Pot Pie Frozen 7 Ozx24S

Turkey Tetrazzini Frozen 5Lbx6S

Chowder Clam Manhattan Frozen 5Lbx12S

Salisbury Steak Frozen 6Lbx2S

Stuffed Cabbage Roll Frozen 6Lbs X 4'S

Stuffed Cabbage Roll Frozen 5.25Lbx4S

Stuffed Pepper Frozen 6Lbx4S

Beef Pepper Frozen

Tamales Beef Frozen 8 Ozx36S

Macaroni And Cheese Frozen 5Lbx4S

Manicotti Frozen 72'S (10.3 Lbs)

Hungarian Goulash Frozen 6Lbx4S

Sugar Granulated 50Kg/Bag

Sugar Granulated 30Kg/Bag

Sugar Granulated 10Lbx6Bag Usa

Sugar Granulated 25Kg/Bag

Spread Cheese Whiz 8 Ozx12Btl

Spread Miracle Whip Kraft 16 Ozx12Btl

Rice White Long Grain 25Kg/Bag

Rice Long Grain 5Lbx12Bag Usa

Wheat Flour 25Kg/Bag

Wheat Flour 25Kg/Bag Aust.

Wheat Flour Eagle Brand 25Kg/Bag

Flour All Purpose 5Lbx10Bag Usa

Milk Evaporated 14-1/2 Ozx48Tin Usa

Milk Evaporated 7.5% B.F. 410Grmx48Tin

Milk Evaporated 9% B.F. 14-1/2 Ozx48Tin

Milk Condensed 8% B.F. 14 Ozx48Tin

Milk Condensed 8% B.F. 14 Ozx45Tin

Milk Powder Full Cream 28%Bf 2Kgx6Tins

Milk Powder Skimmed 25Kg/Bag Dutch/Nz

Cream Whipping Avoset 1Qt. X 12Tin

Cream Topping Whipped 8 Ozx12Pkt

Cream Cremona 16 Ozx12Pkt

Cheese Spread Assorted 125Grmx36Cup Danish

Cheese Spread Assorted 100Grmx48Cup Danish

Cheese Bacon Kavli Baconost 150Grmx16S

Cheese Bacon Kavli Baconost 125Grm

Cheese Crab Kavli Krabbeost 125Grmx18S

Cheese Ham Kavli Skinkeost 150Grmx16S

Cheese Plain Kavli Primulaost 150Grmx16S

Cheese Mushroom Kavli Champ'N 150Grmx16S

Cheese Shrimp Kavli Rekeost 150Grmx16S

Cheese Provolone 12Lbs

Cheese Shredded For Pizza 5Lb

Cheese Ricotta 4Lbs

Cheese Feta 16Kg Danish

Cheese Gouda Rindless Apx 18.5Kg N.Z.

Cheese Grating App 10-20Kg Danish/Belgian/New Zealand

Cheese Parmesan App 8-9Kg New Zealand

Cheese Jarlsberg 22Lbs

Cheese Maribo App 14Kg Danish

Cheese Mozzarella 2.3Kgx10S Danish

Cheese Mozzarella 5Lbs

Cheese Jack W/Hot Pepper 5Lb Loaf

Cheese Cream 3Lb Loaf

Cheese Danbo App 6Kg Danish

Cheese Danbo W/Caraway Seed App. 6Kg Danish

Cheese Cottage 5Lb

Cheese Edam Half Hard App10Kg/Ctn Dutch

Cheese Elbo App 5Kgx4S Danish

Cheese Elbo W/Seed App. 5Kgx4S Danish

Cheese Emmentar App.9-12Kg/Ctn Danish/West Germany

Cheese Emmentar App. 4.5Kgx2S W/German

Cheese Feta 17Kg Danish

Margarine Salted Table 400Grmx36S

Butter Salted Fresh Individual 10Grmx300S

Cheese American White Sliced 5Lbs

Cheese American Yellow Sliced 5Lbs

Cheese Blue App 3-10Kg/Ctn Danish

Cheese Brie 50% 125Grmx12Pkt Danish

Cheese Camembert 125Grmx12Tin Danish

Cheese Cheddar Rindless 20Kg N.Z.

Cheese Cheddar American Mild 10Lb

Cheese Cream Philadelphia 3 Ozx6'S

Butter Fresh Salted 250Grmx40S

Margarine Salted Table 500Grmx20S

Margarine Salted Table 500Grmx30S

Crab Meat Imitation 1Lb

Fish Stick Precooked Frozen 4Lb

Cod Fish Smoked Frozen

Cod Fish Salted Frozen 1Lbx12Pkt

Finnan Haddie Smoked Frozen

Herring Kippered Frozen

Butter Fresh Salted 227Grmx40S

Butter Unsalted Fresh 250Grmx40S

Butter Unsalted Fresh 227Grmx40S

Clam Cherrystone In Shell Frozen

Clam Chowder In Shell Frozen

Oyster Select In Shell Frozen

Shrimp H/Less P&D Qf 26/30 Count 5Lb

Shrimp H/Less P&D Qf 21/25 Count 5Lb

Shrimp H/Less P&D Qf 16/20 Count 5Lb

Shrimp Breaded Local For Tempura

Scallop Breaded Frozen

Shrimp Breaded Frozen 21/25

Crab Stuffing Frozen 4 Ozx12S

Haddock Fillet Skin Off Qf

Perch Fillet Skin Off Frozen

Pollack Fillet Frozen

Rock Fish Fillet Frozen

Snapper Red Fillet Skin Off Frozen

Halibut Steak Frozen

Salmon Red Smoked Vacuum Pack Q.F. 0.8-1.2Kgs

Salmon Steak Frozen

Swordfish Steak Frozen

Cod Fillet Skin Off Frozen

Flounder Fillet Skin Off Qf

Herring In Tomato 260Grmx20Tin Danish

Mackerel Fillet In Tomato 850Gm Danish

Tuna In Tomato 127Grmx20Tin Danish

Sea Salmon 90Grmx25Tin Danish

Cod Roe Caviar Kavli Kaviar 150Gx16S

Cod Fillet Skin On Salted 19-20Kg/Ctn

Cod Fillet Skin On App 15Kg/Ctn

Lutefish Skin On 18-20Kg/Ctn Frozen

Blue Fish (Pollack) Frozen 5 Lb

Mackerel In Tomato Norwegian 170Grmx10Tin

Sild Sardine In Oil Norsegile 106Grmx20Tin

Sild Sardine In Oil Norwegian 105Grmx20Tin

Sild Sardine In Tomato Norwegian 105Gx100S

Sild Sardine In Tomato Norwegian 106Grmx20Tin

Anchovy Fillet 65Grmx10Tin Danish

Caviar 100Grmx12Btl Danish

Herring Fillet Salted 1.5-Kg Danish

Herring Fillet Red Spiced 1.5-Kg Danish

Cod Roe Norwegian 600Grmx12Tin

Fish Ball Norwegian 800Grmx24Tin

Fish Ball Norwegian 800Grmx12Tin

Fish Cake Norwegian 800Grmx24Tin

Fish Cake Norwegian 800Grmx12Tin

Fish Pudding Norwegian 800Grmx24Tin

Fish Pudding Norwegian 800Grmx12Tin

Herring Tidbits Norwegian 100Grmx25Tin

Mackerel In Tomato Norwegian 170Grmx50Tin

Sausage Vienna 5 Ozx48Tin

Liver Paste 125-Grm Tulip 48Tin/Ctn

Meat Ball 227Grmx12Tin Danish

Mockturtle In Gravy 560Gmx12Tin Danish

Chilli W/Out Bean #10

Ham Canned Oval 12Lb

Ham Canned Pear Shape 12Lb Usa

Ham Canned Pullman 10Lb

Ham Loaf Pullman 6Lb

Spam 12 Ozx24Tin

Liver Paste Norwegian 100Grmx25Tin

Meat Ball Norwegian 800Grmx24Tin

Meat Ball Norwegian 800Grmx12Tin

Meat Cake Norwegian 800Grmx24Tin

Meat Cake Norwegian 800Grmx12Tin

Veal Roll Norwegian 1.5Kgx8Tin

Veal Roll Norwegian 1.5Kgx4Tin

Meat Ball 227Grmx10Tin Danish

Ham Shoulder Picnic App 5Kgx6Tin

Luncheon Meat 6Lb Usa

Sausage Dinner Norwegian 3Kgx6Tin

Sausage F'Furter W/Skin 720Grmx12Tin

Sausage Hotdog Danish 2.3Kgx6Tin

Sausage Hotdog Dutch 1.8Kgx12Tin

Blood Pudding Norwegian 800Grmx24Tin

Blood Pudding Norwegian 800Grmx12Tin

Liver Paste 200Grmx24Tin

Corned Beef 12 Ozx24Tin Papua-Newginia

Corned Beef Hash #10X6Tin

Pork Luncheon Meat Dan/Dutch 12 Ozx24S

Ham Shoulder Picnic 5Kg/Tin Danish

New England Loaf

Variety Loaf

Scrapple Philadelphia 1-Lb X 12S

Beef Dry Smoked Sliced

Cervelet Dry

Corned Beef 12 Ozx24Tin Argentine/Brazilian

Corned Beef 12 Ozx24Tin Chinese

Sausage Kielbasy Polish Style

Sausage Knockwurst

Sausage Liverwurst Smoked

Sausage Pork Link Fresh

Sausage Pepperoni

Sausage Roll

Sausage Salami Cooked Cotto

Sausage Salami Hard Dry Italian

Headcheese Frozen

Sausage Mortadella 10-15Kg/Ctn Danish

Sausage Saveloy App. 10.0Kg/Ctn Danish

Sausage Vienna 5Kgs-8Kg/Ctn Danish

Liverpaste Frozen 6-10Kgs/Ctn Danish

Sausage Bologna

Sausage Bratwurst German Style

Sausage Frankfurter Skinless All Beef

Sausage Italian Sweet

Sausage Frankfurter App. 5-8Kg/Ctn Danish

Sausage Meat App. 10-15Kg/Ctn Danish

Sausage Pork App. 15-20Kg/Ctn Aust.

Sausage Pork (Medister) 5Kgs/Ctn Danish

Sausage Pork Collared App.3Kgs/Ctn Danish

Sausage Salami App. 7.5-12.5Kg/Ctn Danish

Ham Whole Fully Cured 16-18Lbs

Sausage Beef App15-20Kg/Ctn Aust.

Sausage Bologna App. 15-20Kg/Ctn Aust.

Sausage Malakoff App20Kg/Ctn Danish

Sausage Mk Chicken Frankfurter 9.6Kgs/Ctn

Sausage F'Furter App20-30Kg/Ctn Aust.

Pork Hock Smoked Frozen U.S.A.

Pork Shoulder Smoked Frozen 8-10Lbs

Bacon Streaky Slab B'Less App25Kg/Ctn

Bacon Streaky Sliced Vacuum Pack 5-10Kg

Bacon Sliced Us

Porkloin Smoked B'Less (Canadian Back)

Bacon Back Sliced App. 5-10Kg/Ctn

Legham (Gammon) Smoked B'Less App 25Kg/Ctn Danish

Ham Smoked Skinned Boned & Tied 10-12Lb

Ham Smoked Boston Butt (Tenderloin)

Ham Shoulder Picnic 8Lbs Danish

Chicken Halves 12 Ozx24S

Chicken Breast Boneless

Chicken 3 Pc Honey Dipped Breaded

Duck Evisc Grade A 5-6Lbs 6'S/Ctn

Duck Grade A 4-5Lb

Turkey Tom Evisc Grade A 15-30Kg/Ctn

Turkey Roasting 20Lb-24Lb Evisc

Turkey Breast

Beef Brisket Corned Frozen

Beef Tongue Smoked U.S.A.

Chicken Frying 2Lb-2.75Lb Us

Chicken Roasting Us Frozen

Chicken Fowl Evisc 5-7Lb Usa

Lamb Carcass Under 15Kgs/Pcs

Lamb Leg Bone-In App 20-25Kg/Ctn

Lamb Leg O.P. Partly B'Less Namp234

Lamb Loin Bone-In App 20Kg/Ctn

Lamb Heart Aust.

Lamb Loin Chop Frozen

Chicken Fryer Eviscerated App 13Kg/Ctn

Chicken Mk Fryer Evisc App 13Kg/Ctn

Chicken Leg App. 6-1/2 Oz/Pc 13Kg/Ctn

Chicken Wing App. 2-1/2 Oz/Pc 13Kg/Ctn

Pork Loin Boned&Tied 8-10Lb Namp-413A

Pork Sparerib Namp-416

Pork Hock Fresh Namp-417

Pork Chop 6 Oz Namp-1410

Pork Meat Bulk

Pork Feet Us

Mutton Carcass Ewe Under 20Kg

Mutton Carcass Wether Under 20Kg/Ccs

Mutton Carcass Ewe Mk Under 20Kgs/Pcs

Mutton Trank Meat 27.2Kg/Ctn

Pork Knuckle (Shank) App 15-20Kg/Ctn Danish

Pork Legs (Ham) Bone-In App 18-30Kg/Ctn

Pork Loin Bone-In App 20-30Kg/Ctn Danish

Pork Loin Boneless 3Pcs/Ctn App. 13Kg Danish

Pork Sparerib App 4-15Kg/Ctn Danish

Pork Belly B'Less 20-30Kg/Ctn

Pork Liver App 10-15Kg/Ctn Danish

Pork Leg Boneless Danish

Pork Collar Butt Boneless Danish

Ham Boned&Tied 8-10Lb Namp-402B

Pork Halfside 4Cut In Carton App30Kg Danish

Beef Tenderloin Full Namp-189

Beef Kidney Us

Beef Liver Sliced Us

Beef Rib Roast Ready Namp-109

Beef Tail Us

Beef Tripe Honey Comb Us

Veal Leg Boneless Usda Namp-335

Veal Loin Chop 8 Oz Usa Namp-1332

Pork Halfside Grade A App.30Kg/Bag

Beef Steak Top Sirloin 8 Oz Namp-1184B

Beef Ground Patty Special 4-6 Oz Namp-1137

Beef Ground Namp-136

Beef Chuck Roll Tied Namp-116A

Beef Brisket B'Less 10-16Lb Namp-120

Beef Short Rib Spec 2-3Lbs Namp-123B

Beef Round Inside 20-23Lb Namp-168

Beef Striploin Short Cut Namp-180A

Beef Sirloin Butt 10-12Lb Namp-184

Veal Loin Bone-In 5-7Ribs

Veal Shoulder Bone-In Aust.

Beef Striploin Short Cut Namp-180A

Beef Steak Rib B-In 12 Oz Namp-1103

Beef Steak Rib Boneless 80Z Namp-1103A

Beef Full Tenderloin Namp-189A

Beef Ribeye Roll Frozen Namp-112A

Beef Steak T-Bone 12 Oz Namp-1173A

Beef Brisket Boneless Namp-129

Beef Steak Striploin 12 Oz Namp-1179

Veal Leg App. 25Kgs/Ctn

Beef Kidney App 15-25Kg/Ctn

Beef Liver App 15-25Kg/Ctn

Beef Tail App 15-25Kg/Ctn Aust./Nz

Beef Tongue App 15-27Kg/Ctn

Beef Tripe Scalded Cleaned App 25Kg/Ctn

Beef Mk Liver App 15-25Kg/Ctn

Veal Halfside Under 40Kg/Bag Aust./Nz

Veal Side Bone-In In Carton App 40Kg Aust./Nz

Ox Boneless Thickflank App 27Kg/Ctn Aust/Nz

Ox Boneless Topside (Inside) App 27Kg/Ctn Aust./Nz

Ox Boneless Mk Topside(Inside) App 27Kg/Ctn Aust./Nz

Ox Bone-In T-Bone Steak 340Grmx54S/36S Aust.

Beef Minced 4.54Kgx6Bag/Ctn Aust./N.Z.

Beef Minced Mk 4.54Kgx6Bag/Ctn Aust./N.Z.

Ox B'Less Ribeye Steak

Ox B'Less Rump Steak 170Grmx120S Aust.

Beef Boneless Sirloin Steak 170Grm X 120S Aust.

Beef O.P. Rib Bone-In 20-25Kg/Ctn Aust.

Beef Round Leg (Butt) Under 40Kg/Bag Aust/Nz

Beef Short Rib Bone-In App 15Kg/Ctn Aust.

Beef Rib Short Sliced Aust

Ox Boneless Brisket P.E. App25Kg/Ctn Aust/Nz

Ox Boneless Chuck&Blade App 27Kg/Ctn Aust/Nz

Ox Boneless Cube Roll 7Lbs Up App25Kg/Ctn Aust/Nz

Ox Boneless Rump(Sirloin Butt) App 25Kg/Ctn

Ox B'Less Silverside (Outside) App 20Kg/Ctn Aust/Nz

Ox Boneless Striploin App 25Kg/Ctn Aust/Nz

Ox Boneless Mk Striploin App 25Kgs/Ctn Aust/Nz

Ox Boneless Tenderloin App 27Kg/Ctn Aust/Nz

Rice Cake Korean(Shiru Tokkyu) 700Grm

Aburage (Inarizushi-No-Moto) 280Grm

Beef Hindquarter 40-70Kg/Bag Aust/Nz

Cooked Clam (Asari-Tsukudani)

Cooked Sea Tangle (Kobu-Tsukudani)

Cooked Tiny Fish (Haze-Tsukudani)

Cooked Tiny Fish (Konago-Tsukudani)

Cooked Laver (Nori-Tsukudani)


Wheat-Gluten Bread (Fu)

Rice Cake Itamochi 50'S

Rice Cake Korean (Tokkyu)

Rice Cake Korean (Tokkyu) 500Grm

Rice Cake Korean(Shiru Tokkyu) 600Grm

Bean Paste (Hatcho-Miso)

Bean Paste (Hatcho-Miso) 500Grm

Devil'S Tongue(Itokonnyaku)Fresh Pack

Devil'S Tongue (Konnyaku) Fresh Pack

Cooked Vegetable (Ajitsuke-Moyashi) 1Kg

Cooked Vegetable (Ajitsuke Warabi) 1Kg

Cooked Vegetable (Sansai-Mizuni) 1Kg

Cooked Beans (Kintokimame-Tsukudani)

Cooked Beans (Uguisumame-Tsukudani)

Cooked Beans (Yasaimame-Tsukudani)

Bean Paste W/Chilli Hot Korean 18Kg

Bean Paste Red Chinese 450Grm

Bean Paste Red Japanese

Bean Paste White Japanese

Bean Paste Yellow (Chujiro) Japanese

Beans Fermented (Natto)

Bean Stick Dried Chinese 1Lb

Beans Black Salted Chinese 250Grm

Bean Paste Black Chinese

Bean Paste W/Chilli Hot Chinese

Bean Curd Fresh In Poly Packet 300Grm

Bean Curd Fresh

Bean Curd Instant Powder Hi-Proton

Bean Curd Baked (Yakidofu)

Bean Curd Fried Thin (Usuage)

Bean Curd Fried Thick (Atsuage)

Bean Curd Fried Round (Ganmodoki)

Bean Curd Preserved Chinese 450Grm

Bean Curd Red Chinese 170Grm

Bean Curd Red Chinese 454Grm

Beans Black Salted Chinese

Soup Chicken Gumbo 50 Ozx12Tin

Soup Chicken Noodle 50 Ozx12Tin

Soup Chowder Manhattan 50 Ozx12Tin

Soup Chowder New England 50 Ozx12Tin

Soup Cream Of Asparagus 50 Ozx12Tin

Soup Cream Of Mushroom 50 Ozx12Tin

Soup Green Pea 50 Ozx12Tin

Soup Minestrone 50 Ozx12Tin

Soup Onion 50 Ozx12Tin

Soup Tomato 50 Ozx12Tin

Soup Vegetable 50 Ozx12Tin

Soup Powder Vegetable 1Kg

Soup Powder Vegetable 16 Ozx12Pkt

Soup Powder Vichyssoise 32 Ozx12Pkt

Soup Base Powder Chinese Shantan 1Kg

Soup Beef Noodle 50 Ozx12Tin

Soup Powder Onion Consomme 500Grm

Soup Powder Onion French 21 Ozx6Pkt

Soup Powder Ox Tail 2.25Kg

Soup Powder Ox Tail 2.1Kg

Soup Powder Ox Tail 32 Ozx6Pkt

Soup Powder Potage 1Kg

Soup Powder Tomato 1Kg

Soup Powder Tomato 32 Ozx6Pkt

Soup Powder Corn Cream 1-Kg

Soup Powder Country Barley 32 Ozx12Pkt

Soup Powder Green Peas 1Kg

Soup Powder Green Peas 32 Ozx6Pkt

Soup Powder Leek 32 Ozx12Pkt

Soup Powder Lentils 32 Ozx12Pkt

Soup Powder Minestrone 2.25Kg

Soup Powder Minestrone 2.5Kg

Soup Powder Mushroom 1Kg

Soup Powder Mushroom 2.5Kg

Soup Powder Mushroom 2.25Kg

Soup Powder Napoli 32 Ozx6Pkt

Soup Powder Beef Noodle 32 Ozx6Pkt

Soup Powder Canadian Pea 32 Ozx12Pkt

Soup Powder Chicken Consomme 1Kg

Soup Powder Chicken Consomme 454Gmx6Pkt

Soup Powder Chicken Consomme 1Kgx6S

Soup Powder Chicken Cream 1Kg

Soup Powder Chicken Cream 2.5Kg

Soup Powder Chicken Cream 2.25Kg

Soup Powder Chicken Noodle 32 Ozx6Pkt

Soup Powder Chicken Rice 32 Ozx6Pkt

Meat Tenderizer 16 Oz

Soup Powder Assorted 65Grm

Soup Powder Knorr Aromat 1-Kg

Soup Powder Asparagus 2.5Kg

Soup Powder Asparagus 2.25Kg

Soup Powder Asparagus 32 Ozx6Pkt

Soup Powder Beans 32 Ozx12Pkt

Soup Powder Beef Barley 32 Ozx6Pkt

Soup Powder Beef Consomme 1Kg

Soup Powder Beef Consomme 454Grmx6Pkt

Soup Powder Beef Consomme 1Kgx6S

Cinnamon Ground 1.2 Ozx12Tin

Clove Whole 10 Oz

Garlic Powder 16 Oz

Mustard Powder 1Lb

Nutmeg Ground 1.37 Ozx12Tin

Oregano Whole 10 Oz

Pepper Black Ground 16 Oz

Pepper White Ground 16 Oz

Paprika Ground 16 Oz

Poultry Seasoning 250-Grm

Cream Of Tartar 16 Oz

Cream Of Tartar 500Grm

Meat Tenderizer 5 Oz

Meat Tenderizer 200Grm

Meat Tenderizer 125Grm

Allspice 16 Oz

Bay Leaf 4 Oz

Caraway Seed Whole 16 Oz

Chilli Powder 16 Oz

Turmeric Ground

Turmeric Ground 500Grm

Horseradish Powder Japanese (Wasabi)

Pepper White Ground 450Grm

Pepper Cayenne Ground 350Grm

Pepper Black Whole 100Grm Gaban

Poppy Seed White

Rosemary Whole

Sage Ground 300Grm

Sesame Seed White

Star Anise Whole


Tarragon (Estragon) Whole Dry 500Grm

Thyme Ground 350Grm

Mustard Ready 255Grmx12Jar

Nutmeg Whole 500Grm

Nutmeg Ground 450Grm

Onion Ground 350Grm

Oregano Whole 500Grm

Oregano Ground 300Grm

Paprika Ground 450Grm

Parsley Flake 500Grm

Pepper Black Whole 500Grm

Pepper Black Ground 450Grm

Pepper White Whole 500Grm

Mustard Dijon 8 Ozx12Jar

Mustard Ready Individual 10'S

Mustard Ready 100Grm

Mustard Ready 255Grm French Brand

Mustard Ready "French" Brand 227Grmx24Btl

Mustard Powder 350Grm

Mustard Powder Colman'S 450Grm

Ginger Ground 350Grm

Horseradish Powder (Wasabi) 300Grm

Gumbo File 1/2 Ozx24Pkt

Gumbo File 16 Oz

Horseradish Powder (Wasabi) 400Grm

Mace Ground 350Grm

Marjoram Whole 500Grm

Marjoram Ground 300Grm

Mint Leaf 500Grm

Mixed 5 Spices Chinese

Mustard Seed Whole

Cummin Seed Whole

Cummin Seed Ground 400Grm

Cummin Seed Ground

Cummin Seed Whole 100Grm Gaban

Curry Powder "Crab" 450Grm0

Curry Powder 340Grm

Garlic Ground

Garlic Ground 350Grm

Garlic Salt 450Grm

Garum Masala Powder

Chilli Ground W/Seed Medium Oriental

Cinnamon Stick 500Grm

Cinnamon Powder 400Grm

Clove Whole 500Grm

Clove Ground 400Grm

Coriander Seed Whole

Coriander Seed Ground

Cardamon Whole 500Grm

Cardamon Ground 500Grm

Chilli Whole Dry

Chilli Whole Dry 500Grm

Chilli Powder

Chilli Powder 400Grm

Chilli Ground W/O Seed Medium Oriental

Chilli Ground W/O Seed Fine Oriental

Chilli Ground W/Seed Coarse Oriental

Pickle Vegetable (Shiba-Zuke)

Pickle Turnip Round (Kabu-Zuke)

Garlic Split Pickled W/Bean Paste 3-Kgs/Can

Sesame Leaves Pickled (Gomaha-Zuke) 18K

Allspice 350Grm

Aniseed Whole

Basil Whole 500Grm

Bay Leaf 500Grm

Caraway Seed 500Grm

Cardamon Whole

Pckle Laver

Vegetable Salted Korean (Toraji-Zuke)

Pickle Chilli Green W/Bean Paste 18Kg

Pickle Fukujin-Zuke

Pickle Cucumber (Kyuri-Zuke)

Pickle Eggplant (Nasu-Zuke)

Pickle Ginger Red (Benishoga-Zuke)

Pickle Nozawanazuke

Pickle Plum Sour (Umeboshi)

Pickle Rakkyo-Zuke

Pickle Nara-Zuke

Vege. Tientsin Pr'Ved Tung Chye 600Grm

Turnip Salted (Takuan-Zuke)

Garlic Shoot/Stem Pickled 18Kg

Sauer-Kraut 765Grm Net

Sauer-Kraut 850Grm Net

Sauer-Kraut 907Grm X 12Tin

Sauer-Kraut Net.770Grm X 12Tin

Sauer-Kraut 796Grm X 12Tin

Pickle Dill Whole 22 Ozx12Jar

Cabbage Salted Green (Takana-Zuke)

Cabbage Salted Chinese Moi Choi 500Grm

Cabbage Salted Chinese Moi Choi 250Grm

Cabbage Salted Preserved Szechuen 340G

Cabbage Salted Preserved Szechuen

Olive Stuffed 135Grm Drained

Olive Stuffed Extra Large 650Grm Greek

Olive Stuffed 32 Ozx12Jar

Pickse Beetroot Slised 9Kg

Chutney Major Gray 16 Ozx12Jar

Chutney Mango 454Grm

Chutney Mango Sweet 680Grmx12Jar

Cucumber In Vinegar 5Kg Net Danish

Cucumber Hotel 9Kg

Caper French 100Grm

Sauer-Kraut 453Grm Netx24Tin

Olive Stuffed Extra Large 200Grm Greek

Olive Green 210Grm Net

Olive Green Jumbo 320Grmx12Tin

Olive Green Jumbo 480Grmx12Tin

Olive Stuffed 85Grm Drained

Relish Hamburger Green 12 Ozx12Jar

Relish Hot Dog 375Grm

Relish Sweet 375Grm

Relish Sweet 12 Ozx12Jar

Asier 5Kg Net Danish

Olive Black Jumbo Grade 4.5Kg

Olive Black Ripe 420Grm Net/220Grm Drained

Olive Black Ripe Large 6 Oz(Drained Weight)X24Tin

Pickle Mixed Sour 500Grmx12Jar Greek

Pickle Mixed Sweet 12 Ozx12Jar

Pickle Sour Whole 22 Ozx12Jar

Piccalilli 269Grm

Piccalilli 1Kg Net Danish

Pickle Polish Spear 22 Oz X 12Jar

Pepper Cherry Hot 16 Ozx12Jar

Pepper Cherry 16 Ozx12Jar

Pepper Jalapeno 12 Ozx12Jar

Relish Hamburger Mix 12 Ozx12Jar

Pickle Dill Kosher 22 Ozx12Jar

Pickle Dill Whole 22 Ozx12Jar

Pickle Giardiniera 1Gal

Pickle Cocktail Onion 100-Grm

Pickle Onion 260Grm

Pickle Onion Silver 900Grm Drained

Pickle Onion White Pearl 5 Ozx12Jar

Pickle Mixed Sour 450Grm Net/380Grm Drained

Pickle Mixed Sweet 450Grm Net/380Grm Drained

Pickle Mixed Sour 700Grmx12Jar Greek

Pickle Gherkins Sweet 830Grm Net/550Grm Drained

Pickle Gherkins W/Dill 830Grm Net/550Grm Drained

Bouillon Powder Bonito (Katsuo Dashi)

Builllon Special Fish 1Kgs Knorr

Base Curry Instant Block Type

Meat Extract Bovril 4 Oz

Pickle Branston 310Grm

Pickle Cucumber Tip 12 Ozx12Jar

Pickle Bread & Butter 14 Oz X 12Jar

Pickle Gherkins Sweet 380Grm

Pickle Gherkins Sour 830Grm Net/550Grm Drained

Seasoning Seafood 24 Oz

Seasoning Shrimp/Crab Boil Mix 3 Oz

Seasoning Shrimp Salad Mix 4Oz

Seasoning Seafood 32 Oz

Flavor Glow Dark 1 Qt.

Smoke Liquid 1Qt.

Bouillon Cube Maggi 100S

Bouillon Cube Maggi Chicken 100'S

Bouillon Powder Granulated 1Kg

Wine Sherry California 1Gal

Seasoning Monosodium Glutamate 1Kgs

Seasoning Ajinomoto 1Kg

Monosodium Glutamate 1Lbx5Pkt

Msg (Accent Powder) 2Lb

Seasoning Maggi 100Grmx12Btl

Seasoning Maggi 125Grmx12Btl

Seasoning Maggi 1.2Ltr

Seasoning Maggi 125Grmx14Btl

Seasoning Chicken Salad Mix 6-1/4Oz

Seasoning Italian 12 Oz

Wine Burgundy California 1Gal

Wine Sherry California 1.5Ltr

Vinegar Cider 473Grm

Vinegar 5Ltr Danish

Vinegar Malt 900Ml

Vinegar White 900Ml

Vinegar White 1.8Ltr

Vinegar Wine 355Ml

Vinegar Wine 900Ml

Vinegar Citrus Fruit (Ponzu) 1.8Ltr

Vinegar W/Taragon (Estragon) 355Ml

Vinegar Cider 1Qtx12Btl

Wine Cooking 550Ml

Wine Cooking Sweet (Mirin) 1.8Ltr

Dressing Salad 1Galx4Jar

Dressing Thousand-Island 200Grm

Dressing Thousand-Island 8-Ozx12Jar "Kraft"

Salad Cream 300Grm

Sandwitch Spread 310Grm

Mayonnaise Ready 300Grm

Mayonnaise Ready 500Grm

Mayonnaise Ready 1Kg/Tube

Mayonnaise Ready 32Fl.Ozx12Btl

Mayonnaise Ready 1Galx4Jar

Mayonnaise Ready 16 Ozx12Jar

Dressing Italian 200Grm

Dressing Italian 8-Ozx12Jar Kraft

Dressing Rainbow 200Grm

Dressing Roka Cheese 8 Ozx12Jar

Dressing Russian 8 Ozx12Jar

Dressing Salad 16Oz X 12Jar

Dressing Blue Cheese 8 Ozx12Jar

Dressing French 8 Ozx12Jar Kraft

Dressing Green Goddess 8 Ozx12Jar

Tomato Paste 850Ml X 24Tin

Tomato Puree 822Grmx24Tin

Sauce Mix Hollandaise 800Grm

Pesto Sauce 85Grm

Gravy Browning 500Grm

Gravy Mix Aujus Roast Beef 1 Oz X 24Pkt

Dressing Blue Cheese 200Grm

Dressing Catalina 250Ml

Dressing French 200Grm

Dressing Blue Cheese 237Mlx12Jar

Tomato Ketchup 397Grmx24Btl

Tomato Paste 210Grm

Tomato Paste 800Grm

Tomato Paste 3Kg

Tomato Puree 850Grm

Tomato Puree 3.1Kg

Tomato Sauce 450Grm

Tomato Sauce 880Grm

Tomato Paste 800Grmx24Tin

Sauce Soya Bean Chinese Light Seichu-An 750Ml

Sauce Oyster "Fuji" 450Grm

Sauce Spaghetti W/Out Meat 32 Ozx12Btl

Sauce Tabasco 2 Oz

Sauce Worcestershire L&P 5 Oz

Sauce Worcestershire L&P 10 Oz

Sauteed Shrimp Fry "Bagoong" 340Grm

Tomato Ketchup 400Grm

Sauce Soya Bean 18Ltr

Sauce Soya Bean 18Ltr Kikkoman

Sauce Soya Bean 500Ml Kikkoman

Sauce Soya Bean Chinese Dark Rochu-An 750Ml

Sauce Apple 16Ozx24Tin

Sauce Mint 135Grm

Sauce Oyster 255Grm

Sauce Oyster 170Grm

Sauce Oyster 450Grm

Sauce Seafood Cocktail 12 Ozx12Btl

Sauce Soya Bean Table 150Ml

Sauce Soya Bean 1Ltr

Sauce Soya Bean 1.8Ltr

Sauce Soya Bean 1.8Ltr

Sauce Barbecue 1Galx4Btl

Sauce Brown (Tonkatsu) 1.8Ltr

Sauce Chilli 340Grm

Sauce Chilli Chinese 255Grm

Sauce Cranberry Jelly Type 454Grm

Sauce Chilli Lingham'S 340Grm X 24Btl

Sauce Horseradish "Gaban" 130Grm

Sauce Horseradish 4 Ozx12Btl

Sauce Hp 225Grm

Sauce Hp 255Grmx12Btl

Sauce Apple 33 Oz X 12 Btl

Sauce Louisiana 6 Ozx24Btl

Sauce Anchovy 170Grm

Sauce Apple 850Grmx12Tin

Sauce Apple 450Grm

Sauce Barbecue 454Grm

Chewing Gum Wrigley'S 5Sx20Pkt

Chewing Gum Assorted 7Sx20Pkt

Sauce A-1 240Grm

Sauce Apple 720Grmx12Btl

Candy Assorted Drop No200

Candy Chocolate Assorted 130Grm

Candy Hard Assorted 150Grm

Candy Mint 150Grm

Candy Dinner Mint 7 Ozx14Pkt

Sweets Assorted No500

Sweets Assorted 'Quality Street' 280Grm

Chocolate Bar Assorted

Chocolate Assorted

Chocolate Chips 500Grm Hershey'S Brand

Wafer W/Cream 30Pcs

Wafer For Ice Cream 500Pcs

Wafer For Ice Cream 600Pcs

Wafer Vanilla 11 Ozx12Pkt

Wafer Sugar 11 Ozx12Pkt

Potato Chips Individual 32Sx24Pkt

Potato Chips 100Grm

Potato Chips 120Grm

Candy Assorted No100

Candy Assorted Drop No150

Cracker Ritz Size(L) 87'S

Cracker Soda 453Grmx12Pkt

Cracker Palin 192Grm 42'S/Pkt Meiji

Fig Bar 16 Ozx12Pkt

Ginger Snap 12 Ozx12Pkt

Cookie Ginger Snap 16 Ozx6Pkt

Cracker Cream 200Grm

Cracker Prawn Kreopok 1/2Lb

Cracker Rice Arare

Cracker Ritz 227Grm

Cracker Ritz Size(S) 39'S

Mousse Mix Chocolate 6 Ozx10Pkt

Mousse Mix Strawberry 6 Ozx10Pkt

Biscuit Assorted Sweet Bulk

Biscuit Assorted Sweet Over 130Grm Net

Biscuit Marie 200Grm

Biscuit 17'S

Biscuit Digestive "Macvitie'S" 200Grm

Cookie Assorted Sweet 200Grm

Cookie Butter Assorted 2Lbs Danish

Cookie Butter Assorted Kjeldsen 1Kg

Pudding Instant Powder 80Grm

Pudding Butterscotch 7Lbs/Tin

Pudding Instant Butterscotch 32 Ozx12Pkt

Pudding Butterscotch

Pudding Instant Chocolate 24 Ozx12Pkt

Pudding Instant Vanilla 20 Ozx12Tin

Pudding Instant Vanilla 24 Ozx12Pkt

Jello Assorted Flavor 24 Oz X 12Pkt

Food Color Red 30Cc

Food Color Egg 32 Oz Liquid Type

Custard Powder

Custard Powder 400Grm

Gelatin Plate 450Grm

Gelatin Powder 450Grm

Jelly Powder Assorted 85Grm

Essence Strawberry 30Grm

Essence Strawberry 500Grm

Essence Strawberry 8 Oz

Essence Vanilla 30Grm

Essence Vanilla 500Grm

Essence Vanilla 8 Oz

Food Color Yellow 30Cc

Food Color Green 30Cc

Essence Lemon 30Grm

Essence Lemon 500Grm

Essence Maple 30Grm

Essence Lemon Pure 8 Oz

Essence Orange 500Grm

Essence Maple 500-Grm

Essence Pineapple 500Grm

Essence Raspberry 500Grm

Essence Rose 500-Grm

Essence Rum 30Grm

Essence Rum 500Grm

Sugar Powder Icing

Sugar Powder Icing 400Grm

Sugar Powdered 16 Ozx24Pkt

Sugar Refined (Jyo Haku Toh) 1Kgs

Essence Almond 30Grm

Essence Almond 500Grm

Essence Almond Pure 8 Oz

Essence Banana 25Grm

Essence Banana 500-Grm

Essence Bearnaise 700Ml Danish

Essence Lime 500Grm

Sugar Granulated Individual 100'S

Salt Table 4 Ozx12Btl

Salt Table 26 Ozx24Pkt

Sugar Brown

Sugar Brown 16 Ozx24Pkt

Sugar Vanilla 500-Grm

Sugar Cube 450 Grm

Sugar Diet 4Grmx50'S

Sugar Diet Sweet N Low 100'Sx24Pkt

Sugar Granulated Individual Pack

Saltpeter(Calcium Nitrate) 500Grm

Yeast Dry 500Grm

Yeast Dry 2Lb

Baking Powder For Biscuit 20 Ozx12Pkt

Salt Cooking 25Kg/Bag

Salt Rock 25Kgs

Salt Table 350Grm

Salt Table 800Grm

Salt Individual Pack

Salt Substitute 70Grm

Salt Coarse 25Kg

Cake Mix Chocolate 18.25Oz X 12Pkt

Cake Mix Chocolate Chips 18.5 Ozx12Pkt

Baking Powder 16 Ozx24Tin

Ammonia Powder 500Grm

Baking Powder 283Grm

Baking Powder 450Grm

Bicarbonate Of Soda 500Grm

Citric Acid 500Grm

Flour Improver Pandia 1Kg

Pan Cake Mix Buttermilk 2Lbx12Pkt

Hot Cake Mix 16 Ozx12Pkt

Cake Mix Bisquick 20-Ozx12Pkt

Cake Mix German Chocolate 18 Ozx12Pkt

Cake Mix 500Grm

Cake Mix Devils Food 18.25 Ozx12Pkt

Cake Mix Spice 18-1/2 Ozx12Pkt

Cake Mix White 18.25 Ozx12Pkt

Cake Mix Yellow 18.25 Ozx12Pkt

Mix Pie Crust 20 Ozx12Pkt

Chocolate Cooking 2.25Kgs

Marzipan Paste 1Kg

Flour Semolina

Flour White (Hakuriki-Ko) 1Kgs

Flour White (Tenpura-Ko) 700Grm

Flour Whole Meal 25Kg

Potato Instant #10X6Tin

Potato Instant Mashed Flake

Bread Crumb

Bread Crumb 2Kg/Pkt

Frosting Creamy Deluxe Chocolate Flavored 16Ozx12Pkt

Frosting Creamy Deluxe Vanilla Flavored 16Ozx12Pkt

Cake Mix Buckwheat 5Lb X 6Pkt

Pan Cake Mix Buckwheat 32Ozx12Pkt

Flour Corn

Flour Potato 500Grm

Flour Potato 25Kg

Flour Rice

Flour Rice (Shiratama-Ko) 250Grm

Flour Rye


Tapioka Pearl

Corn Meal Yellow

Corn Meal Yellow 20 Oz X 20Pkt

Cracker Meal 5Lbx3Tin

Corn Starch 500Grm

Corn Starch 1Lbx24Pkt

Flour Atta 25Kg

Wheat Shreaded Individual 72S

Wheatena 22 Ozx12Pkt

Cream Of Wheat 28-Oz X 12Pkt

Farina 32Oz X 12Pkt

Alpen 375Grm

Barley Pearl

Rice Japanese Grade A

Rice Japanese Grade B

Rice Japanese Glutinous Mochigome

Rice Japanese Standard

Tapioca Minute 4 Ozx24Pkt

Rice Krispies Individual 72'S

Product 19 Individual 70'S

Rice Krispies 150Grm

Rice Puffed Individual 72'S

Special K 130Grm

Special K Individual 72'S

Sugar Flosted Flake Individual 72'S

Weetabix 400Grm

Weetabix 215Grm

Wheat Puffed Individual 72S

Wheat Shredded 283Grm

Oat Rolled Quick 500Grm

Oat Rolled Quick 510Grmx24Tin

All Bran 375Grm

All Bran 13.8Oz X 12Pkt

All Bran Individual 72'S

All Bran 18.3Oz X 14Pkt

Bran Raisin 265Grm

Bran Raisin Individual 72'S

Corn Flake 180Grm

Corn Flake 340Grm

Corn Flake Individual 72'S

Bran Flake 40% Individual 72'S

Grape Nut 24 Ozx24Pkt

Grit Hominey 20 Ozx20Pkt

Noodle Japanese Udon 250Grmx40Pkt

Noodle Instant 80Grmx30Pkt

Noodle Instant 85Grmx24Pkt

Noodle Instant Special Brand 30Pkt

Noodle Instant In Cup 20'S

Noodle Instant Mini Cup

Noodle Instant 85Grm X 30Pkt

Vermicelli 450Grm

Vermicelli Bean Chinese 500Grm

Vermicelli Japanese Soomen 9Kg

Vermicelli Rice Chinese 500Grm

Taco Shells 125Grm

Noodle Chow Mein 5 Oz X 12Tin

Noodle Buckweat Nihonsoba 250Grmx30Pkt

Noodle Japanese Hiyamugi 250Grmx30Pkt

Noodle Japanese Udon 250Grmx30Pkt

Spaghetti Long 450Grm

Spaghetti Long Bulk 15Kg Italian "Barilla"

Noodle Egg 450Grm

Noodle Egg 340Grmx12Pkt

Noodle Egg 340Grmx12Pkt Extra Wide U.S.A. Style

Lasagne Sheet 500Grm

Noodle Fettuccine 500Grm Barilla'S Brand

Noodle Chinese 140Grmx60'S

Noodle Chinese Egg 453Grm

Macaroni Alphabet Bulk

Macaroni Cut Bulk

Macaroni Elbow Bulk

Macaroni Fusilli (Twist) Bulk

Macaroni Long Bulk

Macaroni Long 450Grm

Macaroni Orzo Bulk

Macaroni Penne Bulk

Macaroni Rigatoni Bulk

Macaroni Shell Bulk

Spaghetti Long Bulk

Tea Instant Iced 3 Ozx12Jar

Tea Barley

Tea Green

Tea Chinese Jasmin 113Grm

Tea Jasmin

Tea Ginseng Individual Pack

Tea Chinese Pu-Erh

Tea Chinese Pu-Erh 1Lb

Tea Chinese Oo-Long 113Grm

Tea Chinese Tikuanyin 125Grm

Tea Bag 100'S

Tea Bag Lipton 100'S

Tea Bag Iced 1 Ozx48'S

Tea Bag Iced Instant 1Oz X 24'S

Cocoa Powder Pure 250Grm

Chocolate Instant Nesquick 400Grmx12Tin

Chocolate Instant Nesquick 454Gmx24Tin

Cocoa Powder Pure 125Grm

Milo 200Grm

Milo 350Grm

Ovaltine 250Grm

Tea Black Ceylon Bulk

Tea Black Ceylon Lipton 1Lb

Tea Black Bulk 10Lb

Tea Bag 25'S

Coffee Instant Nescafe 250Grm

Coffee Instant Nescafe 10Oz X 12Jar

Coffee Instant Nescafe 8 Ozx12Jar

Coffee Instant Nescafe 9 Ozx12Jar

Coffee Instant Nescafe 200Grm X 12Tin

Cocoa Powder Pure 400Grm

Cocoa Powder Pure 225Grm

Cocoa Royal Mix Individual 50'S

Cocoa Instant Individual 1 Oz

Cocoa Instant 200Grm

Coffee Instant Individual 100'S

Coffee Instant Decafein'Ed Individual 10'S

Coffee Instant Decafeinated 100Grm

Coffee Instant Gold Blend 100Grm

Coffee Instant Nescafe 150Grm

Coffee Beans Roasted Italian Type 1Kg

Coffee Ground Fine For Paper Filter

Coffee Ground Individual Bag

Coffee Ground Hills Bros 26 Oz X 12Tin

Coffee Ground Vacuum Pack 2.5 Ozx152S

Coffee Ground Hills Bros 1Lbx24Tin

Coffee Ground Maxwell-House 1Lbsx24Tin

Coffee Instant Nescafe 7 Ozx12Jar

Coffee Instant Nescafe 200Grm

Honey Pure 1000Grmx12Jar

Coffee Beans For Iced Coffee 500Grm

Coffee Beans Regular Blend 500Grm

Coffee Beans Roasted (Italian Type)

Coffee Ground Hills Bros 13-Oz X 24-Tin

Coffee Ground 500Grmx30Pkt

Coffee Ground Hills Bros 2Lbx12Tin

Coffee Ground Maxwell-House 2Lbx12Tin

Coffee Ground Greek Bravo 1Kg/Pkt

Coffee Ground Greek Type

Coffee Ground Mixed 1Kg/Tin

Coffee Ground Mjb 13 Oz

Syrup Golden Lyle'S 1Kg

Honey Pure Individual Pack

Honey Pure 450Grm

Honey Pure 500Grm

Honey Pure 650Grm

Honey Pure 1200Grm

Honey Pure 283Grmx6Btl

Honey Pure 1000Grmx6Jar

Honey Pure 16 Ozx12Jar

Syrup Golden 500Grm Imported

Syrup Maple 600Grm

Syrup Molasses Dark 355-Ml

Syrup Maple 1 Galx4Btl

Pancake Syrup Log Cabin 24 Ozx12Btl

Pancake Syrup "Log Cabin" 12 Oz X 24 Btl

Juice Powder Kool Aid Lemon 156Grmx24

Juice Powder Kool Aid Orange 156Grmx24

Juice Powder Kool Aid S-Berry 156Gmx24

Juice Powder Kool Aid Mountain Berry 156Grmx24

Juice Powder Kool Aid Tropical Punch 170Grmx24

Syrup Cherry 550Ml

Syrup Lemon 550Ml

Syrup Orange 550Ml

Syrup Chocolate 16 Ozx24Tin

Syrup Chocolate 450Grm

Syrup Corn White 473Grm

Syrup Coconut 425Grm

Juice Orange Concentrated 550Ml

Juice Pineapple Concentrated 550Ml

Juice Strawberry Concentrated 550Ml

Juice Lime Concentrated Sweet 550Ml

Squash Lemon Concentrated 550Ml

Squash Orange Concentrated 550Ml

Coconut Milk 340Grm

Juice Lemon Concentrated Sweet (Cordial) 750Mlx12Btl

Juice Lime Concentrate Sweet (Cordial) 750Mlx12Btl

Juice Orange Concentrate Sweet (Cordial) 750Mlx12Btl

Juice Powder Kool Aid Cherry 156Grmx24

Juice Powder Kool Aid Grape 156Grmx24

Juice Lemon Concenrated Unsweet 780Ml

Juice Lime Concentrated Unsweet 780Ml

Juice Straight Tomato 46 Ozx12Tin

Juice Straight Vegetable Mix 195Grm

Juice Straight Vegetable Mix 425Grm

Juice Vegetable Mix 46 Ozx12Tin

Juice Orange-Grapefruit Blended 46Oz X 12Tin

Juice Pineapple-Orange Blended 1400Grm

Juice Cranberry 32Ozx12Btl

Nectar Peach 250Grm

Nectar Mixed 250Grm

Juice Lemon Concentrated Sweet 550Ml

Juice Straight Grapefruit 46 Ozx12Tin

Juice Straight Orange 195Grm

Juice Straight Orange 1400Grm

Juice Straight Orange 46 Ozx12Tin

Juice Straight Pineapple 46 Ozx12Tin

Juice Straight Prune 46 Oz X 12 Tin

Juice Straight Tomato 195Grm

Juice Straight Tomato 800Grm

Peanut Butter Creamy 510Grmx12Jar

Peanut Butter Chunky 510Grmx12Jar

Jam Lingonberry Swedish 1Kgsx6Jar

Peanut Butter Creamy 12 Ozx12Jar

Jelly Grape 10 Ozx12Jar

Jam Cherry 450Grm

Juice Straight Apple 46 Ozx12Tin

Juice Straight Grape 46 Oz X 12Tin

Peanut Butter 450Grm

Peanut Butter 510Grm

Jelly Mint 227Grm

Jelly Red Currant 450Grm

Jelly Currant 10 Ozx12Jar

Lemon Curd 450Grm

Preserve Apricot 10 Ozx12Jar

Preserve Apricot/Pineapple 10 Ozx12Jar

Preserve Grape 10 Ozx12Jar

Preserve Peach 10 Ozx12Jar

Preserve Plum 10 Ozx12Jar

Preserve Strawberry 10 Ozx12Jar

Preserve Marmalade Orange 10 Ozx12Jar

Marmalade Orange Low-Calorie 320Grm

Marmalade Orange 370Grm

Marmalade Orange 450Grm

Marmalade Orange 450Grm Robertson

Marmalade Orange 1Kg

Marmalade Orange 3.75Kg

Marmalade Orange 450Grmx12Jar

Jam Assorted Individual Pack

Preserve Assorted Indiv. 1/2 Ozx200Pkt

Orange Marmalade Thick Cut Robertson'S 340Grm X 6Jar

Jelly Mint 10 Ozx12Jar

Jam Strawberry 1Kg

Jam Strawberry 3.75Kg

Jam Strawberry Low-Calorie 320Grm

Jam Strawberry 300Grmx24Jar

Jam Strawberry 1Lbsx12Jar

Jam Strawberry Robertson 340Grmx12Jar

Jam Mixed Fruits 400Grm

Marmalade Orange Robertson 340Grmx12Jar

Jam Raspberry 450Grm

Jam Raspberry 454Grm

Jam Strawberry 370Grm

Jam Strawberry 400Grm

Jam Strawberry 450Grm Robertson

Jam Strawberry 450Grmx12Jar

Jam Strawberry 550Grm

Jam Grape 340Grm

Jam Lingonberry 310Grm

Jam Orange Preserved 450Grm

Jam Orange 3.75Kg

Jam Peach 450Grm

Jam Peach 10 Oz X 12Jar

Jam Pineapple 450Grm

Jam Pineapple 1Lbsx12Jar

Jam Plum 450Grm

Jam Grape 10 Oz X 12Jar

Mixed Nuts With Shell 16 Oz

Mixed Nuts W/O Shell Salted 150Grm

Mixed Nuts Salted 200Grm

Mixed Nut W/Shell 1Lbx24Pkt

Jam Apple 200Grm

Jam Apple 3.75Kg

Jam Apricot 450Grm

Jam Apricot 454Grm

Jam Black Currant 650Grm

Jam Cherry 400Grm

Jam Gooseberry 250Grm

Mixed Nuts With Shell 454Grmx12Pkt

Mixed Nut W/Shell 368Grmx24Pkt

Hazel Nut W/O Shell

Peanuts Salted 185Grm

Peanuts Salted 200Grm

Peanuts Salted 227Grmx24Tin

Peanuts Salted 185Grmx12Tin

Walnuts With Shell

Walnuts W/O Shell

Walnuts In Shell Jumbo 16 Oz

Mixed Nuts With Shell 340Grm

Peel Candy Lemon 400Grm

Peel Candy Orange 400Grm

Peel Candy Mixed 400Grm

Fruit Mixed Evaporated 8 Ozx12Pkt

Almond W/O Shell

Almond Powder

Almond Sliced

Almond W/O Shell Plain 16 Oz

Cashew Nuts W/O Shell

Coconut Shredded

Coconut Shredded 7 Ozx12Pkt

Coconut Desicated

Peach Dry 250Grm

Prune Dry W/Seed

Prune Dry W/O Seed

Prune Dry 500Grm

Prune Dry 1Lbx12Pkt

Raisin Dry

Raisin Dry 500Grm

Raisin Seedless 12 Ozx12Pkt

Sultana Dry

Dates 225Grm

Dates 200Grm

Date Dry Pitted 8 Oz

Fig Dry

Fig Dry (Black) 8 Oz

Peach Dry 8 Ozx12Pkt

Lily Flower Dried

Watercress Dried 150Grm

White Vegetable Dried Chinese 150Grm

Angelica 400Grm

Apple Dry 6 Ozx12Pkt

Apple Dry

Apricot Dry

Apricot Dry 500Grm

Banana Chips Dry

Cherry Candy Crystal 400Grm

Cherry Candy Drained 400Grm

Currant Dry

Peas Yellow Split Dry

Peas Yellow Split Dry 25Lbs

Dhall Massor 25Kg/Ctn

Dhall Moong

Dhall Toor

Lentils Red Dry

Lentils Dry 25Lbs

Lentil Dry 16 Ozx24Pkt

Fungus Dried

Mushroom Dried

Mushroom Dried 600Grm

Mushroom Dried Special Grade 600Grm

Beans White Large Dry (Great Northern) 25Lbs

Beans White Large Dry 16 Oz X 12Pkt

Beans Lima Large 16-Oz X 12Pkt

Beans Pinto Dry 16 Oz X 12Pkt

Beans Pinto Dry 16 Oz

Peas Black Eye Dry 16 Ozx24Pkt

Peas Black Eye Dry 16 Ozx12Pkt

Peas Chick (Garbanzos) Dry 25Lbs

Peas Green Whole Dry

Peas Green Split Dry 25Lbs

Peas Marrow Fat Dry

Peas Yellow Whole Dry

Beans Broad Dry

Beans Butter Dry Daifuku

Beans Green Mongo Dry

Beans Haricot Dry

Beans Kidney Brown Dry Taisho-Kintoki

Beans Kidney Light Red Dry 25Lbs

Beans Lima Dry

Beans Navy Dry 16 Ozx12Pkt

Beans Red Japanese (Azuki) Dry

Beans Soy Dry

Beans White Dry Kotebo

Beans Lima Dry 25Lbs

Pork&Beans In Tomato 822Grm Netx24Tin

Ravioli Beef 400Grm

Ravioli Beef 450Grm

Ravioli Cheese 450Grm

Ravioli Cheese 15Ozx24Tin

Curry Pre-Cooked "Bon-Curry"

Sausage Cocktail 225Grm Net

Sausage Frankfurter 230Grm Net

Sausage Pork Chinese Dry 227Grm

Sausage Vienna 145Grm Drained

Pork Cube Spiced Chinese 142Grm

Beef Tamales 15Ozx24Tin

Pork&Beans In Tomato Sauce 397Grm Net

Pork&Beans In Tomato 454Grm Netx24Tin

Tuna Light In Water Chunk 6.5 Ozx48S

Corned Beef 190Grm

Corned Beef Hash 15Oz

Luncheon Meat 340Grm

Luncheon Meat Chinese 397Grm

Spam 340Grm

Spam With Cheese Chunk 340Grm

Liver Paste 135Grm

Meat Paste 135Grm

Ham Boiled&Boneless 450Grm

Sardine In Oil 3-1/4 Ozx50Tin Usa

Sardine In Oil 100Grm Net

Sardine In Tomato 200Gm Net/150Gm Drd

Sardine In Tomato 425G Net/320G Drd

Sardine In Tomato 425Grmx24Tin

Squid Seasoned 165Grm Net/115Grm Drd

Shrimp Boiled 75Grm Drd

Shrimp Boiled 110Grm Drd

Shrimp Boiled 125Grm Drd

Tuna In Oil Light 185Grm Net

Tuna In Oil "Spruce" 1880Grm

Salmon Pink Miscellaneous 190Grm

Salmon Pink Alaskan 16Ozx24Tin

Herring Kippered 190Grm Net

Herring In Cream Sauce 12 Oz Netx12Tin

Herring In Tomato 210Grm Net/190Grm Drd

Herring In Wine Sauce 12 Oz Netx12Tin

Mackerel Boiled 200Grm Net/150Grm Drd

Mackerel In Oil 200Grm Net/160Grm Drd

Mussel In Brine 148Grm Danish

Oyster Smoked 104Grm Drd

Oyster Whole Baby 8 Ozx24Tin

Salmon Red 220Grm Net

Salmon Pink Fancy 190Grm Net

Anchovy Fillet Flat 50Grm Drd

Anchovy Fillet Rolled 50G Drd

Caviar Lump Fish 50Grm Danish

Clam Boiled 800Grm Net

Clam Minced 790Grm

Clam Minced 6-1/2 Ozx24Tin

Crab Meat 135Grm Drd

Crab Meat Fancy 135Grm Net

Crab Meat King Fancy 185G Net

Dace Fried W/Salted Black Beans 226Grm

Escargot 125Grm & Shell In Plastic Jar

Herring Bismarck 125Grm

Pineapple Sliced 565Grm Netx24Tin

Pineapple Sliced 567Grm Netx24Tin Usa

Plum Whole Purple 450Grm Net

Plum Whole Purple 822Grm Netx12Tin

Mincemeat 450Grm Net

Abalone Boiled 425Grm Net/213Grm Drd

Peach Yellow Halves 850Grm Netx24Tin

Peach Yellow Halves 825Grm Netx24Tin

Pear Halves 454Grm Netx24Tin

Pear Halves 425Grm Net

Pear Halves 825G Net/480G Drained

Pear Halves 425Grm Netx24Tin

Pear Halves 822Grm Netx24Tin

Pineapple Grated 567Grm Net

Pineapple Sliced 565Grm Net/340Grm Drained

Fig Kadota 907Grm Netx12Tin

Fruit Cocktail 830Grm Net/480Grm Drained

Fruit Cocktail 850Grm Netx24Tin

Fruit Cocktail 850Grm X 12Tin

Grape Seedless In Syrup 454Grm Net

Grapefruit Segment 420Grm Net

Longan In Syrup 565Grm Net/280Grm Drained

Lychee In Syrup 565Grm Net/255Grm Drained

Mandarin 851Grm Net/480Grm Drained

Peach Yellow Halves 425Grm

Peach Yellow Halves 822Grm Net/480Grm Drained

Apple Stewed 425Grm Net Wt

Apricot Halves 822Grm Netx24Tin

Apricot Halves 822Grm Net/454Grm Drained

Apricot Halves 425Grm Netx24Tin

Blueberry 470Grm

Cherry Maraschino Red 283Grmx24Jar

Cherry Maraschino Green 120Grm Drained

Cherry Maraschino Red 120Grm Drained

Cherry Maraschino Red 14-Oz X 12Jar

Cherry Red 425Grm Net/250Grm Drained

Tomato Whole Peeled 800Grm Net/440Grm Drained

Tomato Whole Peeled 28 Oz(793Grm) Netx24Tin

Sweet Corn Cream Style 467Grmx24Tin

Water Chestnut Chinese 567Grm Net

Apple 420Grm Net/250Grm Drained

Apple Solid Pack 3Kg

Mushroom Piece&Stem 850Grm Netx24Tin

Mushroom Piece&Stem 850Grm

Mushroom Sliced 850Grm Net/510Grm Drained

Mushroom Whole 850Grm/510Grm Drdx24Tin

Mushroom Whole 425Grm X 24Tin

Peas Chick (Garbanzos) 425Grm Netx24Tin

Peas Green "A" 425Grm Net/285Grm Drained

Pimento Red Whole 200Grm Net/140Grm Drained

Potato Whole Sweet (Yam) 454Grm Netx24Tin

Spinach Boiled 425Grm Net

Sweet Corn Whole 45Ogrm Net/300Grm Drained

Sweet Corn Cream 482Grm Net

Beans Baked 397Grm Net

Beans Baked With Pork 454Grm Netx24Tin

Beans Green Cut 454Grm Netx24Tin

Beans Kidney Red 15 Oz X 24Tin

Beans String 800Grm Net/480Grm Drained

Beetroot Whole 16Oz

Beetroot Whole 830Grm Net/450Grm Drained

Beetroot Sliced Pickled Beet Delmonte 454Grm X 24Tin

Beetroot Sliced 850Grmx12Tin

Beetroot Sliced Pickled Beet Delmonte 411Grm X 12Btl

Beans Sprout 16Ozx12Tin

Mixed Vegetable 425Grm Netx24Tin

Asparagus Spear 425Grm Netx24Tin

Bamboo Shoot 552Grm Netx24Tin

Bamboo Shoot 820Grm

Margarine Cooking 8Kg

Margarine Table 225Grm

Margarine Cooking 15Kg

Margarine For Pastry

Margarine For Pastry 225Grm

Margarine Individual 100'S

Margarine Low Calorie 200Grm Neo-Soft 1/2 Calorie

Shortening 15Kg

Shortening Liquid Fry Max 5Qt.X6Tin

Shortening Liquid Fry Max 5Lt.

Shortening Vegetable 50Lb

Artichoke Heart 400Grm Net/240Grm Drained

Asparagus Spear 430Grm Net

Asparagus Spear 450Grm Net

Oil Olive Pure "Costa D'Oro" 3Ltr

Oil Olive Pure 3Ltr Italy

Oil Salad 1Galx6Btl

Oil Sesame 60% 1.4Kgs

Oil Sesame 100% 1.4Kgs

Oil Sesame 60% 1.6Kgs

Oil Sesame 100% 1.6Kgs

Oil Cooking 17-Kgs Imported

Lard Pure 250Grm

Lard Pure 15Kg

Lard Cudahy Rex 1Lbx48Tin

Ghee Animal Fat 15Kgs

Ghee Vegetable Fat 15Kgs

Oil Chilli Hot Chinese 1.8Ltr

Oil Sesame 200Grm

Oil Sesame 1.8Ltr

Oil Olive 1-Us.Gallon Spanish

Cheese Parmesan Grated 80Grm

Cheese Grated 500Grm

Cheese Port Salut

Cheese Processed 800Grm

Cheese Sliced American 1.35Kg

Cheese Swiss Snow Brand 170Grm

Cheese White 225Grm

Cheese Pimento Snow Brand 225Grm

Oil Cooking 16.5Kg

Oil Coconut 1.8Ltr

Oil Olive App. 5Ltr Spanish

Oil Peanut 16.5Kg

Oil Salad 3Kg

Oil Salad 16.5Kg

Cheese Boursin Pepper 150Grm

Cheese Brie 125Grmx12Tin

Cheese Cheddar 800Grm

Cheese Cheddar

Cheese Cheshire

Cheese Cottage 300Grm

Cheese Cream

Cheese Goat Norwegian

Cheese Cream 250Grm

Cheese Gouda Half-Hard

Cheese Mozzarella

Cheese Noekkelost W/Clove Norwegian

Butter Fresh Salted Individual 100'S

Butter Fresh Salted 250Grm

Cheese Boursin Garlic 150Grm

Ice Cream Sandwitch Choco

Ice Cream "Vivo"

Ice Cream Assorted 950Ml Lady Borden

Ice Cream "Breuges" 950Ml

Ice Cream Mix Powder Fat 18% 900Grm

Ice Cream Soft Mix Liquid 1Ltr

Ice Cream Cone

Sherbet Assorted 130Ml

Sherbet Assorted Bulk

Yeast Fresh 500Grm

Milk Real Fresh 1Qtx12Pkt

Milk Chocolate 1/2 Pt.

Butter Fresh Salted 225Grm

Cream Pre-Whipped 1Ltr Frozen

Cream For Coffee Fresh Individual Pack 50'S

Cream For Coffee Non-Dairy 280Grm

Creaming Powder For Coffee 175Grm

Creaming Powder For Coffee 280Grm

Creaming Powder For Coffee 312Grm

Creaming Powder For Coffee 400Grm

Milk Powder 1.2Kg

Ice Cream Assorted 130Ml

Ice Cream Assorted Bulk

Ice Cream Assorted Bulk Fancy

Ice Cream Nut Choco

Cream Whipping 1Quart Fresh

Cream Whipping Powder 650Grm

Yogurt Fruit Assorted 100Ml

Yogurt Fruit Assorted 130Ml

Yogurt Sweet 100Ml

Cream Sour 200/225Ml

Cream Sour 1Ltr

Cream Sour 500Ml

Cream Whipping 1Ltr Fresh

Egg Fresh Large

Egg Quail (Uzura Tamago) 30'S

Egg Duck Salted

Egg Duck Preserved

Milk Fresh Pasteurized 200Ml

Milk Fresh Pasteurized 1/2Ltr

Milk Fresh Pasteurized 1 Ltr

Milk Long Life 1 Ltr

Milk Low Fat Pasteurized 1Ltr

Milk Low Fat Pasteurized 1Ltr Long Life

Yogurt Plain 130Ml

Yogurt Plain 100Ml

Yogurt Plain 500Ml

Cake Cheese French Frozen 42-Oz X 8S

Cake Apple Fruit Square 8/10'S Frozen

Cake Sheet Choco Frozen 62 Ozx4S

Cake Sheet Devils Food Frozen 67 Oz X 4S

Cake Round Spice Frozen 38 Oz X 2'S

Cake Sheet Sponge Frozen 40 Oz X 4S

Cake Fruit Frozen 3Lbs X 2'S

Cake Apple Crumb Frozen 11-1/2 Ozx12S

Cake Pound Plain Frozen 16 Ozx12S

Egg Fresh Medium

Pie Pumpkin Frozen 46Oz X 6S

Pie Chocolate Cream Frozen 10X6S

Pie Lemon Cream Frozen 24-Oz X 6S

Pie St'Berry Cream Frozen 24 Oz X 6S

Cake Cheese Plain Frozen 68 Oz X 4S

Cake Sheet Banana Frozen 69 Oz X 4'S

Donut Assorted Frozen 12Pkgs

Bun Frankfurter Frozen 8'S

Bun Hamburger Frozen 8'S

Bun Honey Frozen 48'S (109.5Oz)

Cake Layer Chocolate 38Ozx4'S

Twirl Chocolate Frozen 12 Oz/12'S

Waffle Frozen Round 6Pcs X 20Pkt

Cake Coffee Pecan Frozen 11.5 Ozx8S

Pie Apple Frozen 46Oz X 6S

Pie Blueberry Frozen 46Ozx6S

Pie Cherry Frozen 46Oz X 6S

Pie Mince Meat Frozen 46Ozx6S

Pie Peach Frozen 46Oz X 6S

Bread Raisin Sliced Frozen 1 Lb Loaf

Muffin Blueberry Frozen 10Doz (180 Oz)

Egg Roll Shrimp Large Frozen 3Ozx60Pcs

Roll Parkerhouse Frozen 12 Doz

Pastry Danish Almond Frozen 2Doz

Apple Dumpling Frozen 90 Oz (12Pcs) X 3Pkt

Blueberry Turnover Frozen 13.5Lbs (60'S)

Apple Strudel Untoasted Frozen 15-Lb (14-Pcs/C/S)

Apple Turnover Frozen 11-Lbs (48'S)

Muffin English Frozen 6Doz (144 Oz)

Donut Mini Frozen

Bread Whole Wheat Sliced Frozen 1Lb

Bread French Frozen 1 Lb Loaf

Bread Pumpernickel Sliced Frozen 1 Lb

Dampling Wrapper (Gyoza-No-Kawa)

Crispbread Wasa Ry-King 250Grm

Crispbread Wasa Sport 250Grm

Ryvita 7-1/2 Oz

Flatbread Korni Flatbrod 300Grmx24S

Fin Crisp Bread 195Grm

Cake X'Mas Butter Cream Fancy 24Cm Dia

Cake X'Mas Butter Cream Fancy 32Cm Dia

Cake X'Mas Chocolate Fancy 24Cm Dia

Cake X'Mas Chocolate Fancy 32Cm Dia

X'Mas Pudding 15Cm Dia

Pudding Plum (X'Mas Pudding) 750Grm 'Robertson'

Pudding Plum (X'Mas Pudding) 375Grm "Robertson"

Bread White Sliced Frozen 1 Lb Loaf

Pastry Puff Uncooked Frozen

Patty Shell Val-Au-Vent 7Cm

Pie Fruit Assorted Frozen

Pie Pizza Ready To Cook Mixed 7 Frozen

Halva Greek 450Grm

Pastry Danish Apple Frozen 250Grmx12Pkt

Pastry Danish Apricot Frozen 250Grmx12Pkt

Pastry Danish Cinnamon Frozen 250Grmx12Pkt

Pastry Danish Royal Frozen 250Grmx12Pkt

Pastry Danish Strawberry Frozen 250Grmx12Pkt

Baklava Leaf Fresh

Spring Roll Skin 10'S

Spring Roll Skin 50'S

Cake Chocolate 5'S

Cake Chocolate 6'S Frozen

Cake Rolled W/Ice Cream 6'S Frozen

Cake Rolled

Cake Short Coffee

Cake Yogurt W/Fruit Sauce 730Grm Frozen

Doughnut Old Fashioned 5'S

Pastry Danish Assorted

Pastry Puff Ready Assorted

Bread Dinner Roll

Bread Hot Dog Roll

Bread Table Roll

Bread English Muffin 4'S

Bread Hamburger Bun

Bread Puffed Wheat 210Grm

Bread Pumpernickel 1.5Kg

Bread Pumpernickel Long Life 250Grm

Bread Raisin Sliced 420Grm

Bread Sour 300Grm

Bread Wonder Pullman 8 Slice 350Grm

Cake Fruit Slab 1.2Kg

Cake Cheese 6'S Frozen

Bread Rye Fullcorn Frozen 1.6Kg X 10-16S Danish

Bread Rye Standard Frozen 1.4Kg X 8Pcs Danish

Bread Bagel

Bread French Mini

Bread French 298Grm W-Wonder

Bread French 500Grm

Bread French Roll

Bread Croissant

Bread White Sliced App. 1Kg

Bread White App. 1.2Kg

Bread White Sliced 1080Grm

Bread Brown Sliced 450Grm

Bread Brown Sliced 1440Grm

Bread Rye 420Grm (50% Rye)

Bread Rye 1Kg (50% Rye)

Bread Rye 1.5Kg (50% Rye)

Bread Rye Standard Frozen 1.6Kg X 10-16S Danish

Sausage Frankfurter Frozen

Sausage Liverwurst Frozen

Sausage Mortadella Frozen

Sausage Pork Frozen

Sausage Pork Link Frozen

Sausage Salami Boiled Frozen

Sausage Vienna Frozen

Black Pudding Frozen

Bones For Soup Beef/Pork

Bones Beef W/Marrow

Bread White Sliced 0.5Kg

Bread White App. 1Kg

Bacon Smoked Sliced Frozen

Ham Boneless Frozen

Ham Loin Frozen

Ham Pressed Frozen

Ham Smoked Frozen

Sausage Chicken Frankfurter Mk App. 9.6Kgs/Ctn

Sausage Beef Frozen

Sausage Blood Frozen

Sausage Bologna Frozen

Rabbit Dressed Frozen

Bacon Smoked Slab Frozen

Chicken Breast Frozen

Chicken Spring Eviscerated Frozen

Chicken Feet Frozen

Chicken Gizzard (Sunagimo) Frozen

Chicken Leg Frozen

Chicken Liver Frozen

Chicken Wing Frozen

Fowl Whole Cleaned Frozen

Fowl Eviscerated Frozen

Duck Eviscerated Frozen

Pork Kidney Frozen

Pork Liver Frozen

Pork Tail Frozen

Pork Tripe Frozen

Gyoza Frozen

Lamb Loin Frozen

Lamb Kidney Frozen

Lamb Liver Frozen

Lamb Sweetbread Frozen

Lamb Loin Chop Frozen

Chicken Fryer Evics App 15Kg/Ctn

Pork Feet Frozen

Pork Head Frozen

Pork Hock Frozen

Pork Knuckle Cleaned Frozen

Pork Blood Frozen

Pork Heart Frozen

Pork Intestine Cleaned Frozen

Pork Leg Frozen

Pork Leg Corned Frozen

Pork Loin Bone-In Frozen

Pork Loin Boneless Frozen

Pork Shoulder Frozen

Porkside In Ctn 4Cuts App.30Kg Frozen

Pork Sparerib Frozen

Pork Belly Frozen

Pork Belly Salted Frozen

Beef Heart Frozen

Beef Kidney Frozen

Beef Liver Frozen

Beef Tail Frozen

Beef Tongue Frozen

Beef Tripe Frozen

Beef Head W/O Taongue Frozen

Beef Intestine (Hormon) Mixed

Hamberger Patty Frozen S (60Grm)

Hamberger Patty Frozen M (70/80Grm)

Pork Butts Boneless

Pork Halfside App. 25Kg

Pork Chop Frozen

Octopus Boiled Frozen

Frog Leg Frozen

Beef Brisket Boneless Frozen

Beef Brisket Corned

Beef Rib Short Frozen

Beef Striploin Boneless Frozen

Beef Minced Frozen

Beef Brain Frozen

Shrimp Peeled Frozen

Shrimp Breaded Large Frozen

Calamary Frozen

Cuttle-Fish Frozen

Ink Fish Frozen

Ink Fish(Surume-Ika) For Sashimi 7.5Kgs

Octopus Fresh

Octopus Small Frozen

Octopus Large Frozen

Mussel With Shell

Oyster W/O Shell Frozen

Scallop Frozen

Snail (Tsubugai) Frozen

Crab Whole Frozen

Crab Leg King Frozen

Crab Leg (Zuwai) Frozen

Lobster Whole Frozen

Lobster Tail Frozen

Lobster Tail Fresh Frozen 225-250Grm

Prawn Whole Frozen

Prawn Headless Medium Frozen

Prawn Headless Large Frozen

Shrimp Headless Frozen

Anchovy Salted Korean 18-Kgs

Clam Baby Salted Korean 3-Kgs

Abalone Frozen

Bloody Clam (Akagai) W/O Shell Frozen

Clam With Shell Frozen

Clam Without Shell Frozen

Cockle (Torigai) W/O Shell Frozen

Fish Paste Steamed (Chikuwa)

Fish Paste Steamed (Kamaboko)

Fish Paste St'Med Kamaboko Crab Flavor

Fish Paste Steamed (Naruto)

Fish Paste Fried (Goboh Ten)

Fish Paste Fried (Hira-Ten Maru/Kaku)

Fish Paste (Ball-Ten) 10'S

Bonito Dried Flake (Hanakatsuo) 5Gx5S

Tiny Craped Dried Fish (Shirasuboshi)

Trout Salted (Shiomasu)

Agar-Agar (Tokoroten)

Laver Dried Sheet

Laver Flavoured (Ajitsukenori)

Sea Tangle Dried For Soup (Dashi-Kobu)

Sea Weed Dried (Hoshi Wakame)

Sea Weed Salted (Shio Wakame)

Sea Weed (Mozuku) Fresh/Salted

Sea Weed (Ugo) Fresh/Salted

Sea Weed (Tosaka-Nori) Fresh/Salted

Fish Paste Boiled (Hanpen)

Fish Paste Fried (Satsumaage)

Sardine Dried Salted (Maruboshi)

Sardine Dried Salted (Mezashi)

Sardine Salted & Fermented

Sea Cucumber (Trepang) Dried

Shark'S Fin Dried

Shrimp Salted & Fermented

Shrimp Peeled Dried

Squid Dried

Squid Salted & Fermented

Sand Fish Dried (Hatahata)

Dried Fish For Soup (Iriko/Niboshi)

Sardine Salted Frozen

Herring Kippered

Jellyfish Salted (Shiokurage)

Mackerel Dried

Mackerel Salted

Mackerel Horse Dried

Mackerel Pike (Sanma) Dried

Pollack Dried Salted Boneless

Rainbow Trout Smoked

Salmon Whole Smoked

Salmon Red Halfside Smoked

Salmon Roe Salted (Ikura)

Codfish Dried (Boh-Tara/Hoshi-Mentai)

Codfish Dried

Codfish Dried Salted (Sukimidara)

Codfish Salted

Codfish Smoked

Cod Roe Tarama

Cod Roe Salted (Mentaiko)

Compoy (Scallop) Dried

Codfish Pickled Bone-In

Codfish Pickled Boneless

Eel Smoked Open B'Less Vacuum Packed

Eel Smoked Whole

Globe Fish Dried (Hoshi Fugu)

Haddock Fillet Smoked

Herring Salted

Abalone Dried

Anchovy Salted

Snapper Red Fillet Skin Off Frozen (Local)

Sole Fish Frozen

Sole Fillet Frozen

Sweet Fish (Ayu) Frozen

Sword Fish Frozen

Tuna Fish Whole Headless Frozen

Tuna Fish Fillet For Sashimi

Tuna Fish Whole Frozen

Tuna Fish Fillet Frozen

Turbot Fillet Frozen

Whale Meat Frozen

Whiting Fish Fillet Frozen

Yellow Fish Frozen

Yellow Tail (Buri) Frozen

Codfish(Sukesoh Dara) Headless

Codfish (Sukesoh Dara) Fillet

Pond Smelt (Wakasagi) Frozen

Rainbow Trout Frozen

Red Fish (Garoupa) Headless Frozen

Rock Fish Fillet Frozen (Local)

Salmon Fillet Red (Beni-Shake) (Japan) Frozen

Salmon Whole Frozen

Salmon Silver Headless Frozen

Sardine Fresh

Sardine Frozen

Seabass Whole Frozen

Seabass Fillet Frozen

Snapper Red Small Frozen

Snapper Red Large Frozen

Fish "Guchi" Frozen

Plaice Fillet Frozen

Pomfret Whole Frozen

Hair Tail Frozen

Halibut Headless Frozen

Halibut Fillet Frozen

Herring Frozen

Mackerel Fresh

Mackerel Frozen

Mackerel Fillet Frozen

Mackerel Horse Fresh

Mackerel Horse Frozen

Mackerel Pike (Sanma) Frozen

Mackerel Spanish Whole Large Frozen

Merulusa Fillet Medium Frozen

Mullet Whole Frozen

Fish "Nibe" Fillet Frozen

Juice Grape Frozen 32 Ozx12S

Anchovy Fresh

Baracuda-Kamasu Frozen

Bonito Whole Frozen

Carp Alive

Codfish Headless Frozen

Codfish Fillet Frozen

Eel Whole Frozen

Eel Fillet Frozen

Flounder Whole Frozen

Flounder Fillet Frozen

Haddock Headless Frozen

Haddock Fillet Frozen

Plum Fresh

Strawberry Fresh

Apricot Halves Q.F.

Blueberry Q.F.

Boysenberry Q.F.

Peach Sliced W/Sugar Frozen 16-Oz X 12-Pkt

Peach Sliced W/Sugar Q.F 20 Ozx12Pkt

Raspberry Q.F.

Strawberry Q.F.

Melon Water Fresh

Melon Sweet Fancy Fresh (Andes And So On)

Mandarin 10Kg

Mandarin 15Kg

Orange Imported 72/88S 17Kgs Net

Orange Imported 72/88S 17Kg Net Fancy

Orange Imported 113S 17Kg Net Fancy

Peach Fresh

Papaya Fresh

Pear 10Kg Fresh

Pear Japanese 10Kg Fresh

Pear Japanese 15Kg

Persimmon Fresh

Pineapple Fresh

Lime Fresh

Lychee Fresh

Mango Fresh

Melon Sweet Cantaloupe Fresh

Melon Sweet Honeydew 5/6S 13Kg

Melon Sweet Musk Fresh

Melon Sweet Prince Fresh

Grape Campbell Fresh

Grape Delaware Fresh

Grape Emperor 20Lbs California

Grape Large Kyoho Fresh

Grape Neo-Muscat Fresh

Grape Fancy Fresh

Grapefruit 36S-40S 15Kg Net

Kiwifruit Fresh 30'S-33'S

Lemon Imported 140-200S 17Kg Net

Lemon Sunkist Imported

Apple Table 100S/18Kg

Apple Table 110S-140S

Apple Table Fuji 32'S/10Kg

Apple Table Fuji 46'S/10Kg

Apple Table Fuji 120'S/18Kg

Apple Table Golden Delicious 32'S/10Kg

Apple Table Golden Delicious 69'S/16Kg

Apple Table Star King 69'S/16Kg

Apple Table Tsugaru 46'S/10Kg

Apricot Fresh

Avocado Fresh

Banana Half Ripe Imported

Cherry Fresh

Grape Bailey-A Fresh

Potato French Fry St. Cut Thin Q.F.

Potato French Cut Q.F 2-1/2Lbx12Pkt

Potato Shoe String Q.F 4-1/2Lbx6Pkt

Tater Tots (Potato Puff) Q.F 2Lbx12Pkt

Potato Shredded Q.F 2Lbx12Pkt

Apple Table 46S-55S/8-10Kg

Spinach Q.F.

Spinach Q.F. 1000Grmx10Pkt

Squash Yellow Sliced Fresh Frozen 2.5-3Lbs X 12Pkt

Taro (Satoimo) Q.F.

Squash Yellow Sliced Q.F. 2Lb X 12Pkt

Zucchini Sliced Q.F. 2-1/2Lbx12Pkt

Potato French Fry Crinkle Q.F 1Kgx10-12

Corn Kernel Q.F. 1Kgx10-12Pkt

Corn On Cob Q.F.

Corn Cut Qf 2-1/2Lbx12Pkt

Horseradish Grated Q.F. 100Grm

Lotus Root Q.F.

Mixed Vegetable Q.F.

Okra Lady Finger Whole Q.F.

Okra Cut Q.F. 2Lbx12Pkt

Onion Ring Breaded Q.F. 2-1/2Lbx8Pkt

Peas Green Q.F. 500Grm X 20Pkt

Peas Green Q.F 40 Ozx12Pkt

Peas Green Q.F.

Pumpkin Q.F.

Rhubarb Q.F.

Brussels Sprout Q.F 2-1/2Lbx12Pkt

Carrot Whole Q.F.

Carrot Chateau Cut Q.F.

Carrot Diced Q.F.

Cauliflower Q.F.

Cauliflower Q.F. 500Grmx20Pkt

Collard Greens Q.F. 3Lbx12Pkt

Corn On Cob Q.F.

Corn On Cob Q.F. 48'S App. 25Lbs

Beans Lima Fordhook Q.F. 2-1/2Lbx12S

Beans String Whole Q.F.

Beans String Q.F. 500Grmx20Pkt

Beans Yellow Wax Q.F. 2-2.5Lbx12Pkt

Beans Green Regular Cut Q.F. 2Lb X 12'S

Broccoli Spear Q.F 2Lbx12Pkt

Broccoli Q.F.

Brussels Sprout Q.F.

Squash Yellow

Tarragon (Estragon) Fresh

Taro (Satoimo) Fresh

Tomato Selected Fresh

Tomato Cherry Ripe Fresh

Turnip White Round Fresh (Kabu)

Turnip Yellow Fresh

Watercress Fresh

Yam Chinese (Nagaimo) Fresh

Zucchini (Squash) Fresh

Asparagus Spear Q.F. 4-8Kg/Ctn

Asparagus Cut Tip Qf 2-1/2Lbx12Pkt

Beans Broad Q.F.

Beans Green Cut Q.F. 2Lbx12Pkt

Beans Green French Cut Q.F. 2-2.5Lbsx12Pkt

Pumpkin Fresh

Radish Red Fresh

Radish White Fresh (Daikon)

Rosemary Fresh

Sage Fresh

Shiso Leaf (Ohba) Fresh 100Grm

Spinach Fresh

Onion Yellow Dry

Pac Choi Fresh

Parsley Fresh

Peanuts Raw

Peas Green Fresh

Pepper Bell Green Fresh

Pepper Bell Red Fresh

Pepper Chilli Green Fresh

Pepper Chilli Red Fresh

Potato Selected Fresh

Potato Large Baking Russet Fresh

Potato Sweet Fresh

Lettuce Iceberg Fresh

Lettuce Romain Fresh

Lettuce Salad Fresh

Lettuce Sunny Fresh

Lotus Root Fresh

Marjoram Fresh

Marrow Japanese Togan Fresh

Mint Leaf Fresh

Mushroom Fresh

Mushroom Fresh Small Size

Mushroom Fresh Straw (Enoki-Take)

Mushroom Fresh Dark (Shiitake)

Okra Lady Finger Fresh

Onion Scallion Fresh

Onion Spring Fresh

Onion White Small Fresh

Ginger Young (Hajikami) Fresh

Horseradish Fresh

Leek Fresh

Celery Table Fresh

Celery Japanese (Mitsuba) Fresh

Chicory Fresh

Chives Stem Fresh

Corn On Cob Fresh

Cucumber Fresh

Dill Fresh

Eggplant Fresh

Endive Fresh

Endive Belgian Fresh

Fennel Weed Fresh

Garland Chrysanthemum Fresh

Garlic Dry

Ginger Root Fresh

Bamboo Shoot Fresh

Basil Fresh

Bean Sprout Fresh

Bean Sprout Large (Soya) Fresh

Beans String Fresh

Beetroot Topped Fresh

Broccoli Fresh

Brussels Sprout Fresh

Burdock (Gobo) Fresh

Cabbage Chinese Fresh

Cabbage Hard White Fresh

Cabbage Red Fresh

Carrot Topped Fresh

Cauliflower Trimmed Fresh

Asparagus Green Fresh