Stevin Rock Jetty

Stevin Rock Harbour is owned and operated by Stevin Rock LLC. Stevin Rock berths are equipped with static ramp systems enabling the loading of barges from 2,000 to 25,000 tonnes cargo capacity at all stages of the tide.

Stevin Rock Harbour and the adjoining RAK Maritime City (which is beyond Berth Number 6/7 of Stevin Rock) have the same harbour entrance, hence, all ships, tug and combination of tug and barges calling Stevin Rock must always obtain permission from RMC Port Control, to anchor or enter the harbour and prior to sailing. Even when given permission to proceed, a careful watch must be maintained at all times. Special caution must be exercised during bad weather.

Stevin Rock harbour was built mainly for exporting wide range products from the Stevin Rock quarries:

Port Operations: Loading Limestone, Gabbro rock and asphalt aggregates.
Cargo Handling: 24 hours, 365 days a year.
Pilotage services: 365 days a year.
Port Control Services: 24/7 (RMC Port Control).
Towage and Tug services: 24/7 (Provided by Saqr Port).
Bunkering: Available.
Fresh water: Available.
Provision and stores supplied by Ship Chandlers & Agent.